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The Family Bed: Helping a toddler recover


Sleeping arrangements in the house are always something that differ greatly from family to family. Everyone does it differently.

Do you snuggle your child to sleep in your arms?
Do you shush them gently, patting their back and then edge away?
Do you sit by their door, shushing and reassuring them that you are there?
Do you do a cry it out method (CIO) and maybe do some form of rapid return until your little one is settled?
Do you put them in a hut at the bottom of your garden and hope they eventually quieten down…

Ok – so the last one isn’t a good option, but I know people that do versions of each of the above (excluding the hut one!!) and they all talk about their individual pros and cons.

We’ve gone mainly down the co-sleeping route in our household. It suited us best as our little man has been breastfed and snuggling next to Mummy, curled in the natural C-shape that a co-sleeping Mum seems to do, has been wonderful.

Gradually, over time, we’ve managed to get him to move more into his own room and were really starting to break ground with him. He was enjoying his own bed. Relishing in the independence that he was developing but safe in the knowledge that he could snuggle up with us if he needed or wanted to and wouldn’t be told ‘No’.

And then he went and broke his leg ten days ago.

Everything went backwards and our little increasingly-independent lad has now become quite needy and desperate for cuddles and companionship.

I don’t blame him. He’s sore, he’s having some horrible dreams and he just wants his Mummy and Daddy.

So, for the past week I’ve been sleeping with him in the double bed in his room. Whilst that’s been great for giving us all space, it’s not been exactly ideal as I’ve missed hubby and our bed, so I started looking at various options.

Would a single bed fit alongside ours? Nope
How about a small single? Yes – but the cost of good mattresses and finding one that was a similar height to our bed was proving to be quite difficult.

Then I had a brainwave. One that, quite frankly, should have occurred to me ages ago as we’ve all been snuggled up in a double (which has been rather snug…)

I’ve adapted his existing cotbed and managed to lash it with bungee cords to our bed. It’s THE perfect height and the mattress fits safely and snugly against ours thanks to some rolled up towels shoved down the side (going to be replaced with a wedge of nursery-grade foam soon).

He loves it and it means that if he does need to come through to us in the night, we’ve all got space. He’s still got the double in his room, which also means that if people come to stay then we have somewhere for them to sleep that isn’t taken over by a star-fish toddler. Fantastic!

What does your family bed look like? I’d love to see how creative some of you have got!



My Poor Baby: Toddler with a broken leg.


Toddlers – they’re a mad little bunch of individuals, aren’t they!

Tearing around everywhere, bumping and banging into anything and everything.

But they always get back up. Brush themselves down. Start their mad antics all over again.

Unfortunately for us, sometimes they don’t. Our little man decided to end our rather amazing holiday in Italy with a spectacular fall that resulted in him breaking his leg quite badly.

I’d spent the whole week in a stunning apartment owned by my cousin telling him to be careful. To avoid:

the glass coffee table
the stone steps
the marble
the hard floors
to not climb on the sofas
to not bounce on the beds

To pretty much be something that he’s just not.


As we reached the last day of our holidays, I was so relieved that he’d not had even one little bump. But then he went and fell.

Over a tree root. A silly little insignificant tree root down a pathway that he’d been up and down countless times each day.


Without going into too much detail, it’s safe to say that I never want to hear the kind of scream that I heard my beautiful little boy make as he fell down ever, ever, EVER again. It was heartbreaking. It was the sort of scream where you just know instantly that something is very very wrong.

We then spent a night in an Italian hospital. The staff were all very good and very efficient but it was, unfortunately, quite a scary experience for our little lad. We luckily all have EHIC cards (the new version of the E111 forms) and I would strongly advise anyone reading this to make certain you have one of these plus good travel insurance. They are worth their weight in gold.

Luckily we were able to fly back home fairly quickly and British Airways were absolutely amazing with him. I cannot thank them enough.

I’ll be blogging more about how he’s doing but I think we’ve learnt a very important lesson. One that has really altered my view on things.

It’s that – you really and truly can’t stop them getting hurt. You can do your best and try your hardest but sometimes it just happens.

And all you can then do is be there for them.



It’s on its way! Real Nappy Week 2014


It’s nearly that time of year again – the time where all the fluff addicts and newbies alike get quite excited.

The time of year where there’s SO many amazing deals out to be had on gorgeous nappies and accessories to make your cloth nappy stash just perfect.

The time of year where anyone who is new to cloth nappies can find a wealth of information easily through all the cloth clinics and chats that pop up on various Facebook groups and Twitter feeds.

YES! Real Nappy Week (RNW) 2014 is coming soon!

This year, it all kicks off on April 28th and lasts until May 4th and there will lots of exciting events going on.

To get yourself started, why don’t you take a look at the Go Real and Great British Nappy Hunt websites and Facebook groups. They’ll give you fantastic information and support!

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Time slips by…blogging vs. real life.

Oh my goodness! I thought I’d better write a quick blogpost to apologise for being so dreadful at updating this blog of mine.

Truth is – we’ve been SO busy that I’ve totally forgotten.

Now, from a blogging point of view, that’s rather remiss but from an enjoying actually life perspective, it’s brilliant!

Blogs are great.
Blogs are addictive!
But real life is better!!!

However, I have so much to share with you that I’m going to get cracking on some new blog posts next week.

I promise!

Hope you’re all having a good week x

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Perfecting Potty Training.


This is a post that I have written and shared with the lovely people at Baba+Boo. We are using their training pants as part of our potty training and they’re proving to be brilliant.

There are certain events in your baby’s life that, well, to be quite frank – you slightly dread. Rolling is fantastic but crawling means that you have to start moving everything out of reach. Crawling is great as at least they can’t get up too high but walking means that almost nothing is beyond their grasp. I know that we love these milestones but each new thing comes with a slight uncertainty. A slight concern…

And that’s how I felt about potty-training. I’ve got to be honest, I’ve been dreading it. Really getting myself quite worked up about how on earth we were going to go about it. Some people bang on about using certain methods from books whilst others just go with the flow and are very much led by their child.

We’re taking the second approach in our household and have been leaving a potty around the place for a good six months plus. The Toddler has been using it as a very fetching crown for a while and I was getting concerned that he didn’t really understand what a ‘wee-wee-potty’ was actually all about.

But all of a sudden it’s been clicking and he’s been asking to sit down. Little sits have progressed to longer stays and he’s started to actually use the potty for wees. It’s been relatively quite relaxed and easy so far. As he’s in cloth nappies, he’s feeling when he’s wet much more easily and now that he’s doing full wees he’s really not happy when he feels very damp. This is where cloth has really started to pay off (thank goodness!)

Now that he’s starting to get used to this new way of weeing, we’ve decided that the next step is going to be using cloth pull-up pants. We’ve got a couple of absolutely gorgeous Baba+Boo ones that he’s been told are his ‘Big Boy Pants’ and so far he’s enjoying strutting around the house with the on, proudly showing them to whoever is near. The only hurdle that we’ve found at the moment is that wants a nappy back on when he’s about to do a poo, so the pants aren’t always on yet for as long as we would like. However, the excited look on his face when he’s at home and knows that he can wear his new pants makes me think that they’ll be the norm for him very soon. Here’s hoping!

daisytheclothbummum has written this post as my own post and as a guest post for Baba+Boo. I have not been paid for this and all photographs, words, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Merry Christmas 2013!


I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

I hope you all have an amazing and hopefully somewhat relaxing day with your families.

I hope that your day tomorrow is filled with awe and wonder and you savour those memory-making moments of adulterated joy.

See you on the other side!

Daisy xxx

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Craft Christmas: Stockings and Bags

There was a time, a long long time ago, when I used to be a lot more craft-orientated.

I used to make loads of stuff for my house, used to enjoy creating lots of cards and was even starting to get pretty good at baking (something which I had previously been quite atrociously bad at).

Then I had a baby…

The time that I could spare for those sort of activities floated away on a sea of breastmilk, nappies and generally babyness.

At first I didn’t miss it at all. Mainly because I was so sleep-deprived at first and then and caught up in a whirlwind that is the first year of a baby’s life and, for me, going back to work.

But now my baby is giving me more time, playing more independently and sleeping more solidly, I’ve been able to get back to doing the things that I really enjoy.

So, this Christmas I’ve made little Monkey Man his own, rather massive stocking out of felt, fake fur and scrap of material and ribbon that I had around the house. I’ve had great fun making up my own winter scene, creating my own patterns and running it all up on my very old sewing machine and I have to say that I’m quite chuffed with the result! Under the red felt at the top is his name, but as I don’t share that on here, I’ve covered it up.

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They grow up fast

I’ve just seen this on a Facebook page and I had to share with you.
This image both amazed me and actually made me feel a little sad.

Let’s treasure them. We don’t have them small for long!


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Our first Christmas Crafts and fun!

It’s funny how a toddler changes things. I used to not be at all interested in Christmas until really close to Christmas Eve.
I think it has something to do with working in a school.

Christmas in a school is a magical time. It’s wonderful watching the children get so excited.

The little ones waving at their parents (even though they’re encouraged not to) during their nativity.

Lots of fun, glitter and glue EVERYWHERE!

Christmas concerts, carols and musical madness.

It’s brilliant… but it’s also a little tiring at times! The children get SO excited towards the end of term and we always have lots to do to make it as magical as possible that when you get home, you often don’t want to do Christmassy things straight away.


All because I have a 2 year old.

He is so excited at anything and everything that’s new, so we’ve been having a lot of fun.

Painting with glitter and glue.


Using foam shapes and glitter to make Christmas wreaths that we’re going to string together to make garlands.


And… well, what do you do with all that leftover glitter that you’ve shaken everywhere. The stuff that usually goes all over the place?
That’s right… Sparkly moonsand!


Flour mixed with baby oil and add glitter for fun. This kept him particularly mesmerised and involved for about half an hour (a Christmas miracle indeed!) He loved mixed it, spooning and patting the mixture, building up towers and smashing them down, patting and stamping it and much much more.

Are you having a crafty arty Christmas?

daisytheclothbummum has just blogged this article for sharing/ fun purposes. All words, thoughts and opinions are my own and photographs are my own property.


Cloth isn’t scary!


(This post is linked into the Halloween ‘Cloth isn’t scary’ Hunt being held by The Great British Nappy Hunt)

Using cloth nappies was something that I kind of always knew that I’d do.
Ok – I was a little worried that with a newborn that I might find it a tad difficult to keep on top of everything, but it didn’t concern me too much.

But I’ve found that my lack of worry isn’t something that others share.

As I’ve met other mums through baby groups and through running my local cloth nappy library I’ve encountered a few funny looks.
A few worried faces.
A few, quite frankly terrified expressions.

Quite a lot of people have got this old-fashioned idea that somehow cloth is a LOT of hard work. That you’re going to be soaking nappies, boiling nappies and generally slaving over nappies all day and night long.
That they’re going to be a nightmare to use.
That disposables are just so much easier.

Ok, so whilst disposables might be easier to whip on and off, the bottom line is that they are going to cost you an absolute fortune and are pretty damn awful for our environment so there’s got to be a better option, right? One that isn’t going to leave you chained to your kitchen or utility room?

So – here I’m going to try to allay some of those fears. To reassure any new mummies-to-be or mummies who are just new to cloth that it’s honestly ok. That cloth really isn’t as scary as you might think.

Modern cloth nappies are seriously an absolute doddle to use. I’ve blogged about how easy they are before and nearly 2 years on from those original posts I still have the same views. Have a read here , here and here to find out in more detail!

Sometimes one member of a family might be more into the idea of using cloth than the other one. I’ve seen this a lot and I promise that once you both get into it, it’s quite easy and the reluctant party will wonder why they got so worked up! Have a read of this blogpost to help you get some ideas!

With cloth nappies nowadays they are shaped like a standard disposable (just a bit thicker!) and fasten with either poppers or a velcro-style system. They come in a range of styles and funky colours and you can even get ones that are personalised and custom-made!

When it comes to washing them, all you have to do is remove any liners from the inside and get rid of any solid waste down the toilet before popping them into a washbag. No soaking required at all! When you’ve got either a bag full or a couple of days worth, then just chuck them into the washing machine. I wash mine at 60 with a prewash (see my washing post) and I use sanitising powder.

And that’s it! When they’re dry all you have to do is put them back together, line them with a paper and/or fleece liner and you’re sorted.

No running out of nappies.
No having to do a last minute dash to the shops when you realise you’ve got nothing in.
No horrible chemicals against your little one’s skin.
No mountains of binbags going to landfill (see – that’s scary!)

Cloth is simple, not scary!

So what are you waiting for? Why don’t you give cloth a try?
Head on over to The Great British Nappy Hunt

to find out lots more about modern cloth nappies and join in the Halloween Hunt. You could win a fantastic clothy gift to get you started!

daisytheclothbummum has not been paid for this blogpost. All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.


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