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Vegan fruity chocolate pudding


As our little Monkey is highly intolerant to all dairy and cow’s milk protein, finding yummy desserts is actually quite a tricky task (especially as we also need to make them nut-free).

I don’t particularly like giving him lots of soya but we have been buying the Alpro and Provamel chocolate/caramel/vanilla desserts as a treat and change from lots of fruit!

However, yesterday, the dessert gods were kind to me! I stumbled across an American recipe for cornstarch (Cornflour) puddings and decided to give them a go.

I had a tin of tropical fruit chunks in the cupboard so drained off the juice and blended it into a purée, along with some blueberries that were knocking around in the fridge.

I boiled up the fruit mixture on the hob in a small pan, along with about half a pint of Oatly oat milk. I then added a good squeeze of honey, some vanilla extract and sieved in about two tablespoons of Cornflour before it got too hot (the Cornflour forms instant hard lumps if it’s added to a hot liquid, in my experience)

As the mixture boiled up it turned thicker so it became a runny thin custard. Once I was happy, I took it off the boil and poured it through a sieve into a Pyrex bowl.

I left it to cool a little before mixing in a good squeeze of Sweet Freedom Choc Shot. This stuff is like liquid gold for making vegan hot chocolate and sauces and my son absolutely loves it!

I then put it in the fridge to cool for a few hours and the result is a really rich, velvety chocolate pudding that’s almost verging on the consistency of a ganache.

I’m going to have a try at mixing some up with a ripe avocado to create a really deep, heavy mousse – wonder if that’ll turn out as well as this did!

daisytheclothbummum has not been sponsored for this post. All thoughts, words and opinions are my own. No part of this article may be reproduced without my permission.

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Nightweaning a toddler: Nursies when the sun shines


As a full-term breastfeeding mum, I’ve found that getting advice as to how to help to support my son during the ending stages of our breastfeeding journey quite hard.

Most family and friends haven’t had experience with feeding an older child. Most doctors don’t have a clue (although one lovely one told me all the benefits regarding protecting the mother from certain cancers and the obvious benefits to the child’s immune system.)

So, when I heard about this wonderful book, I thought I’d give it a go to help us with gentle night weaning.

‘Nursies when the sun shines’ is a wonderful, beautifully-drawn book that helps support and reinforce the idea that the breastfeeding child doesn’t need a feed at night. It has gorgeous pictures and repetitive phrases to help your little one understand that night is just for sleeping.

We started reading the book at bedtime back in about June and it took about three months for the message to completely sink in to my very stubborn but utterly gorgeous little man’s head.

But! Once he’d processed it – he stopped feeding at night.

He settles more quickly and had more unbroken nights of sleep. It was brilliant! I think we timed the reading of this book well as he was ready for that stage and we didn’t force him or rush him before he was either biologically or emotionally ready.

I got this fab book from Amazon and would recommend it wholeheartedly to all natural-term breastfeeding mothers.

daisytheclothbummum was not paid for the content of this post. These are all my own thoughts and opinions and I paid for the book myself



The Huffington Post is brilliant!

There are certain articles that you just HAVE to read. Ones that make you laugh uncontrollably but have a serious message behind them.

This is one of them!

If, like me, you have had any kind of offensive, derogatory and uneducated comment levelled in your direction because you decided to *gasp* breastfed your child, then this article will leave you both nodding madly and cracking up with laughter!


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Is it wrong to use disposables? The Guardian

This article just appeared on my Facebook feed today and I had to share it. Really impressed with a The Guardian!

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Why use cloth: a visual reminder

I’m very aware how sporadic my posts are at the moment, and I apologise. Life kind of gets in the way!

Our son has recently broken his leg and I’ve found over the past few months that any free time I’d usually have isn’t mine anymore. He’s definitely a lot more needy right now, which is perfectly understandable. Add to that the madness that is being a teacher at this time of the year and you have a heady concoction of insanity!!

Anyway, I digress.

Since breaking his leg, our pretty much potty trained boy has needed to wear nappies again to avoid leaking all over a cast.

We tried cloth pull ups – not anywhere near absorbent enough.

We went back to cloth nappies for a little while – he took them off, declaring he was now ‘a big boy’…

So, eventually, we conceded and have used Naty pull-ups. They’re better than your standard disposable as at least they’re eco and biodegradeable but it’s still really grated on me. He’s actually not used too many as he’s been mainly asking for the toilet, but I’ve HATED the amount of waste created.

Then I saw this photo online that I’m going to put on this post and it funnily enough made me calm down.

The amount of waste I’VE NOT CREATED as a result of using cloth from birth far outweighs the little amount that I’ve just had to create out of necessity.

And that’s brilliant!

Cloth is brilliant!

You’re all brilliant for considering using cloth nappies and even more amazing for using them!

People need to be educated more and more as to what they are doing to our planet. It’s just disgraceful.


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The Great British Cloth Nappy Survey


Whilst Real Nappy Week 2014 is over, the lovely people at The Great British Nappy Hunt would like your help.

Head over to their blog to fill in a survey all about cloth nappy usage. It’ll be really helpful for them to gather information on exactly how people use their nappies and how much money is saved.


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Real Nappy Week 2014: Why Cloth Nappies?


Well, it’s the end of the second day of Real Nappy Week 2014.
I hope those of you who are out bargain hunting are having a great time and those of you that are out to find out more information about cloth nappies are finding all the information and advice that you need.

The cloth nappy community are a fabulous bunch – all you have to do is join one of the many groups, be it via Facebook or through sites like Cloth Nappy Tree to get lots of advice and support.

For those of you who are new to the cloth nappy world and are wondering if, maybe, cloth is really for you then, firstly HELLOOOOOO! WELCOME! And, most importantly – how utterly BRILLIANT of you to be considering cloth nappies.

Cloth, for me personally, has been one of the best parenting choices that myself and my hubby have made so far. We have found them to be an immensely easy, practical and relatively cheap way to nappy our son and now that he is pretty much completely toilet trained, we’re really missing that cute fluffy bottom!

Not only are cloth nappies so much more economical , eco-friendly and effortless , they are also immensely cute!

Over the next few days, I’ll be blogging more about why cloth is so fantastic and give you some more links back to previous posts I’ve written to help you along with your cloth journey through to toddlerhood.

Have a good look around all the manufacturer’s websites and, whilst you’re at it, why not get involved with the Great British Nappy Hunt or Reusable Pursuit (plus the Passport Pursuit that can link you up to your local cloth nappy library).


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Real Nappy Week 2014: Dawn of a fabulous fluffy week!


For those of you who are already converts into the fluffy world of reusable nappies, you’d have to be hiding in a shack, down at the bottom of a pit, in the middle of nowhere with absolutely no access to the internet at all to have not have heard that…


Yay! For those who are new to using cloth nappies, RNW2014 is a fantastic chance to enter loads of competitions to win some seriously cute fluffy nappies and other related stuff.

There are lots of retailers and associations taking part in various events and this week is a great opportunity to find out what this cloth nappying lark is all about, as up and down the country Nappy Libraries, Councils and other companies/associations will be holding various events. There might be a Nappuccino (coffee morning with nappy demos and information) near you. Take a look at the UK Cloth Nappy Library Map to locate one near you.

You can pick up stickers from participating nappy libraries to take part in Passport Pursuit which rewards you for going along to a nappy library event.

As well as all the individual retailer and online shop competitions, there are two big ones that are running this year.

There’s the fabulous Great British Nappy Hunt where you can help Billy the Clothbummed Kid and his little sister Bella (a lovely new addition this year!) and hopefully pick up some goodies along the way. You visit the participating retailers linked into the hunt and try to find out where Billy is hiding.

Another competition, with some amazing prizes to be had, is the Reusable Nappy Association’s Reusable Pursuit. Here you can go around a whole range of participating retailers websites, gathering clues as you go along.

Have fun looking around and seeing what’s out there – you never know, you could end up with some amazing freebies, meet some new friends at a local nappy library meeting and hopefully come away from this week armed with lots of information about why cloth nappies ARE brilliant!

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The Family Bed: Helping a toddler recover


Sleeping arrangements in the house are always something that differ greatly from family to family. Everyone does it differently.

Do you snuggle your child to sleep in your arms?
Do you shush them gently, patting their back and then edge away?
Do you sit by their door, shushing and reassuring them that you are there?
Do you do a cry it out method (CIO) and maybe do some form of rapid return until your little one is settled?
Do you put them in a hut at the bottom of your garden and hope they eventually quieten down…

Ok – so the last one isn’t a good option, but I know people that do versions of each of the above (excluding the hut one!!) and they all talk about their individual pros and cons.

We’ve gone mainly down the co-sleeping route in our household. It suited us best as our little man has been breastfed and snuggling next to Mummy, curled in the natural C-shape that a co-sleeping Mum seems to do, has been wonderful.

Gradually, over time, we’ve managed to get him to move more into his own room and were really starting to break ground with him. He was enjoying his own bed. Relishing in the independence that he was developing but safe in the knowledge that he could snuggle up with us if he needed or wanted to and wouldn’t be told ‘No’.

And then he went and broke his leg ten days ago.

Everything went backwards and our little increasingly-independent lad has now become quite needy and desperate for cuddles and companionship.

I don’t blame him. He’s sore, he’s having some horrible dreams and he just wants his Mummy and Daddy.

So, for the past week I’ve been sleeping with him in the double bed in his room. Whilst that’s been great for giving us all space, it’s not been exactly ideal as I’ve missed hubby and our bed, so I started looking at various options.

Would a single bed fit alongside ours? Nope
How about a small single? Yes – but the cost of good mattresses and finding one that was a similar height to our bed was proving to be quite difficult.

Then I had a brainwave. One that, quite frankly, should have occurred to me ages ago as we’ve all been snuggled up in a double (which has been rather snug…)

I’ve adapted his existing cotbed and managed to lash it with bungee cords to our bed. It’s THE perfect height and the mattress fits safely and snugly against ours thanks to some rolled up towels shoved down the side (going to be replaced with a wedge of nursery-grade foam soon).

He loves it and it means that if he does need to come through to us in the night, we’ve all got space. He’s still got the double in his room, which also means that if people come to stay then we have somewhere for them to sleep that isn’t taken over by a star-fish toddler. Fantastic!

What does your family bed look like? I’d love to see how creative some of you have got!



My Poor Baby: Toddler with a broken leg.


Toddlers – they’re a mad little bunch of individuals, aren’t they!

Tearing around everywhere, bumping and banging into anything and everything.

But they always get back up. Brush themselves down. Start their mad antics all over again.

Unfortunately for us, sometimes they don’t. Our little man decided to end our rather amazing holiday in Italy with a spectacular fall that resulted in him breaking his leg quite badly.

I’d spent the whole week in a stunning apartment owned by my cousin telling him to be careful. To avoid:

the glass coffee table
the stone steps
the marble
the hard floors
to not climb on the sofas
to not bounce on the beds

To pretty much be something that he’s just not.


As we reached the last day of our holidays, I was so relieved that he’d not had even one little bump. But then he went and fell.

Over a tree root. A silly little insignificant tree root down a pathway that he’d been up and down countless times each day.


Without going into too much detail, it’s safe to say that I never want to hear the kind of scream that I heard my beautiful little boy make as he fell down ever, ever, EVER again. It was heartbreaking. It was the sort of scream where you just know instantly that something is very very wrong.

We then spent a night in an Italian hospital. The staff were all very good and very efficient but it was, unfortunately, quite a scary experience for our little lad. We luckily all have EHIC cards (the new version of the E111 forms) and I would strongly advise anyone reading this to make certain you have one of these plus good travel insurance. They are worth their weight in gold.

Luckily we were able to fly back home fairly quickly and British Airways were absolutely amazing with him. I cannot thank them enough.

I’ll be blogging more about how he’s doing but I think we’ve learnt a very important lesson. One that has really altered my view on things.

It’s that – you really and truly can’t stop them getting hurt. You can do your best and try your hardest but sometimes it just happens.

And all you can then do is be there for them.



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