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Durham Isis Infant Sleep Information – how to allay cosleeping fears! 

I thought I’d pop on quickly to share a link to ISIS

ISISis a fantastic research and information source from Durham University into sleep in infants. It gives really sound advice about cosleeping and is worth looking at, especially if you have members of your family who may not agree with your cosleeping decision.

I’ve often found that a warm smile, a ‘I understand your views’ comment followed by backing up my argument with sound scientific proof works wonders and, in my family, it doesn’t hurt that ISIS is based at my old university, which gives it a whacking great big amount of credibility!!!

So. There you are! It’s so informative and helpful and I hope you find it as useful as I did! 

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Vegan No-Peanut butter/chocolate cakes

Ok. So I absolutely LOVE Reese’s cupcakes. Like. Seriously adore them! But recently I’ve been having some dodgy reactions to peanuts, almonds and other unknown stuff so I’ve had to give them up.

This has been heartbreaking!

So, after making the utterly delicious vegan chocolate mousse earlier on today I had a bit of a brainwave. I’d recently got hold of a tub of Wowbutter from my local Tesco’s.

Wowbutter is a soya-based spread that tastes remarkably like peanut butter but is completely and utterly safe, which is amazing. Whilst I tend to shy away from soya, this stuff is just too incredible for me to ignore.

I grabbed a couple of Kallo rice cakes, thinly spread on some Wowbutter and followed on some chilled vegan chocolate mousse.

Absolute heaven!

Hope you enjoy as much as I have! I’m making myself sit on the sofa and not go running back to the fridge right now! Yum!!!

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Vegan chocolate mousse

As my monkey has potty trained, I’m finding that I’m now writing more and more about food than about nappies. I hope that’s ok for regular readers of this blog – you can always scroll back to find nappy information/reviews.

As Real Nappy Week comes closer I, of course, will shift my focus back to all that is gorgeous and fluffy but, for now, let’s concentrate on the decadent gorgeousness that is vegan chocolate mousse.

Having a dairy intolerant child means that most chocolate mousses that you can buy are off limits and the other option is usually a soya based dessert.

As we’re trying to avoid too much soya, I have been looking around for another way. A way that created a really thick, creamy mousses similar in texture to a chocolate pot/luxury ganache-type dessert. I think I’ve finally hit the jackpot with this recipe that I found on Pinterest and have slightly adapted. As it’s vegan, it’s obviously dairy-free and egg-free, which is brilliant for any breastfeeding mums who have children allergic to these ingredients or for anyone with dairy/egg allergies.

All you need is:-

A ripe avocado or two
1/4 cup of chilled coconut cream
Up to 1/4 cup of Cocoa powder
Up to 1/4 cup Agave nectar (or a similar sweetener)
About 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract
A blender (I use a stick blender with an closed bowl attachment on the end )

1. Scoop out the avocado and plonk it into your blender.

2. Then add all the other ingredients and blend. I’ve not put precise measurements as it’s all down to personal taste.

You need enough of everything to take away the avocado taste, but how thick/creamy/sweetened you want it is up to you.

It’s absolutely gorgeous and I made mine fairly thick so it didn’t even fall off the spoon when it’s turned upside down! Yum!!!


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Rearfacing article : The Telegraph

The Telegraph ran a brilliant article that I thought I’d share on here.

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Vegan fruity chocolate pudding


As our little Monkey is highly intolerant to all dairy and cow’s milk protein, finding yummy desserts is actually quite a tricky task (especially as we also need to make them nut-free).

I don’t particularly like giving him lots of soya but we have been buying the Alpro and Provamel chocolate/caramel/vanilla desserts as a treat and change from lots of fruit!

However, yesterday, the dessert gods were kind to me! I stumbled across an American recipe for cornstarch (Cornflour) puddings and decided to give them a go.

I had a tin of tropical fruit chunks in the cupboard so drained off the juice and blended it into a purée, along with some blueberries that were knocking around in the fridge.

I boiled up the fruit mixture on the hob in a small pan, along with about half a pint of Oatly oat milk. I then added a good squeeze of honey, some vanilla extract and sieved in about two tablespoons of Cornflour before it got too hot (the Cornflour forms instant hard lumps if it’s added to a hot liquid, in my experience)

As the mixture boiled up it turned thicker so it became a runny thin custard. Once I was happy, I took it off the boil and poured it through a sieve into a Pyrex bowl.

I left it to cool a little before mixing in a good squeeze of Sweet Freedom Choc Shot. This stuff is like liquid gold for making vegan hot chocolate and sauces and my son absolutely loves it!

I then put it in the fridge to cool for a few hours and the result is a really rich, velvety chocolate pudding that’s almost verging on the consistency of a ganache.

I’m going to have a try at mixing some up with a ripe avocado to create a really deep, heavy mousse – wonder if that’ll turn out as well as this did!

daisytheclothbummum has not been sponsored for this post. All thoughts, words and opinions are my own. No part of this article may be reproduced without my permission.

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Nightweaning a toddler: Nursies when the sun shines


As a full-term breastfeeding mum, I’ve found that getting advice as to how to help to support my son during the ending stages of our breastfeeding journey quite hard.

Most family and friends haven’t had experience with feeding an older child. Most doctors don’t have a clue (although one lovely one told me all the benefits regarding protecting the mother from certain cancers and the obvious benefits to the child’s immune system.)

So, when I heard about this wonderful book, I thought I’d give it a go to help us with gentle night weaning.

‘Nursies when the sun shines’ is a wonderful, beautifully-drawn book that helps support and reinforce the idea that the breastfeeding child doesn’t need a feed at night. It has gorgeous pictures and repetitive phrases to help your little one understand that night is just for sleeping.

We started reading the book at bedtime back in about June and it took about three months for the message to completely sink in to my very stubborn but utterly gorgeous little man’s head.

But! Once he’d processed it – he stopped feeding at night.

He settles more quickly and had more unbroken nights of sleep. It was brilliant! I think we timed the reading of this book well as he was ready for that stage and we didn’t force him or rush him before he was either biologically or emotionally ready.

I got this fab book from Amazon and would recommend it wholeheartedly to all natural-term breastfeeding mothers.

daisytheclothbummum was not paid for the content of this post. These are all my own thoughts and opinions and I paid for the book myself



The Huffington Post is brilliant!

There are certain articles that you just HAVE to read. Ones that make you laugh uncontrollably but have a serious message behind them.

This is one of them!

If, like me, you have had any kind of offensive, derogatory and uneducated comment levelled in your direction because you decided to *gasp* breastfed your child, then this article will leave you both nodding madly and cracking up with laughter!


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Is it wrong to use disposables? The Guardian

This article just appeared on my Facebook feed today and I had to share it. Really impressed with a The Guardian!

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Why use cloth: a visual reminder

I’m very aware how sporadic my posts are at the moment, and I apologise. Life kind of gets in the way!

Our son has recently broken his leg and I’ve found over the past few months that any free time I’d usually have isn’t mine anymore. He’s definitely a lot more needy right now, which is perfectly understandable. Add to that the madness that is being a teacher at this time of the year and you have a heady concoction of insanity!!

Anyway, I digress.

Since breaking his leg, our pretty much potty trained boy has needed to wear nappies again to avoid leaking all over a cast.

We tried cloth pull ups – not anywhere near absorbent enough.

We went back to cloth nappies for a little while – he took them off, declaring he was now ‘a big boy’…

So, eventually, we conceded and have used Naty pull-ups. They’re better than your standard disposable as at least they’re eco and biodegradeable but it’s still really grated on me. He’s actually not used too many as he’s been mainly asking for the toilet, but I’ve HATED the amount of waste created.

Then I saw this photo online that I’m going to put on this post and it funnily enough made me calm down.

The amount of waste I’VE NOT CREATED as a result of using cloth from birth far outweighs the little amount that I’ve just had to create out of necessity.

And that’s brilliant!

Cloth is brilliant!

You’re all brilliant for considering using cloth nappies and even more amazing for using them!

People need to be educated more and more as to what they are doing to our planet. It’s just disgraceful.


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The Great British Cloth Nappy Survey


Whilst Real Nappy Week 2014 is over, the lovely people at The Great British Nappy Hunt would like your help.

Head over to their blog to fill in a survey all about cloth nappy usage. It’ll be really helpful for them to gather information on exactly how people use their nappies and how much money is saved.


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