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All-in-Two’s. My favourite going out nappies!

on January 2, 2012

I started to get a little more excited again about cloth after discovering all the pretty and funky wraps that suddenly made everything just that much more appealing. Then, I got hold of a Bumgenius Flip nappy At the moment, these nappies only come in plain colours but I know that some really nice prints are about to be launched, which is getting me rather excited…

Right – I’m going to pause for one second here. Yes, I’m excited. About a nappy wrap. It’s amazing how addictive these things can be. I can imagine right now you’re reading this and thinking I’m some kind of fruit loop. And I probably am, a little. But I promise you – get into cloth nappying and you’ll see what I mean!

Anyway, I digress. Bumgenius Flips are an All-in-Two nappy. What this essentially means is that you have an external waterproof shell and then a seperate nappy/pad that goes inside it. The great thing about these little beauties is that if the nappy is just wet, all you have to do is take out the pad, give the shell (the wrap) a wipe down if needed, pop in a new pad and off you go!

When I first started cloth nappying I thought I’d just use cloth at home and take disposables with me when I went out. But these little nappies made going out with cloth seem that much more viable as they were slim and would fit in my bag! I absolutely love these. They have two different types of insert (Organic and Staydry – which are the ones that I use). These are also a BTP nappy so I should be able to get a good amount of use out of them as my little boy grows up.

As I got more and more into using these, I started to look around for other All-in-Twos and stumbled across Itti Bitti’s. These are quite expensive if you buy them new but there are always some on sale on various preloved boards. Tuttos are their BTP nappy that should last you quite a while and D’Lish are sized nappies that come in an all-in one version or a snap-in-one version. Tuttos and the SIO’s of these have snap in pads inside that you can take out and replace if the nappy is just wet and not soiled or soaked through. The outside of these nappies is so soft and strokable, it’s ridiculous. They are made with a minky fabric that is lovely to touch and come in a range of plain and funky patterns that change each year. Itti’s have a hidden PUL waterproof layer that you can’t see, which means that they don’t need a seperate wrap on the outside and the lovely fluffiness is on show for the world to see! They are also very slim fitting, which makes them great for using under skinny jeans.

Here are all the parts laid out - these can be snapped in and out to change the absorbency

Tuttos also have a thing that they call a poo-fence, which is an internal gusset designed to help keep poo in and stop leaks. It seems to work pretty well, although I have had one or two leaks. But I’ll hold my hands up – I think that was due to me not putting them on properly – hey, you live and learn and deal with poo covered trousers – niiiice!

There are many other All-in-Two nappies out there. I use some Green Carbon Living ones that have snap in pads that you can take out and I’ve heard that Gro-Via are meant to be great too.

Green Carbon Living Hybrid (All-in-Two) nappies

I also use Close Parent pop-in nappies. They are utterly marvellous ones that are great for using at night (with a special booster if needed) or at home . The are quite bulky and I’ve found that they aren’t the best for taking out with me as they take up so much room. The have a fantastic double gusset in the legs that hold in the most violent, explosive poos that my little boy can create (and believe you me, he does some whoppers). They come in two different types, Bamboo (which is very absorbent and great for nights but does take an age to dry) and Dream-Dri (which is a very quick drying fabric). My little one manages to out-wee Dream-Dri’s at the moment, which is annoying as I have loads of them, but I’m playing with different boosters in an attempt to make them work better!

A Bamboo Close Parent pop-in nappy. Not the prettiest of nappies, but amazing! These contain everything!


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