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Baby steps

on January 2, 2012

Where the hell to start… You see, you can walk into any supermarket, pharmacy, corner shop, random shops that don’t quite spring to mind right now, or even a blessed 24hr petrol station and pick up a pack of disposable nappies. Ok, they might not be your favourite brand, but you can get ’em. They’re everywhere. There’s even dispensers for them in ladies toilets! How mad is that!

But, apart from a pack of terries and some rather dodgy-looking plastic pants that you can pick up in Boots, there was nothing else in my local, rather small town. So I drove to my nearest Mothercare, about half an hour away along one of those really boring windy roads that makes it feel as if the drive is taking three times as long (and is sucking the life force out of you). They had some others but they were very expensive and very boring to look at. I took notes of the names and went back home with my tail between my legs, feeling somewhat defeated. I had bought a couple of packs of the white ones but this wasn’t quite what I’d had in mind. I’d heard, somewhere, that new cloth nappies were funky, colourful things – but I couldn’t find any.

There were just nowhere to be seen šŸ˜¦

Next step was the council. I have one of those councils that sing their eco-credentials from the rooftops. They make us all separate our rubbish out into a million different little boxes and have a lovely section of their website that spouts their wonderfulness in our modern eco-led society. They’d have a nappy scheme, surely… And they did! Kind of. I managed to get hold of three basic cloth nappies and a voucher for some money off others. Not bad – better than nothing! But these were, yet again, rather dull. I was getting a little fed up!

Then came my saving grace. I trawled through the adds and found a lovely lady who was selling on some of her old nappies. Now, never underestimate the power in meeting other mummies in the local area who are into cloth nappies. They are amazing! She helped me out so much. I bought various different types of nappies off her so that I could trial different types. This, I discovered, was the most sensible way to buy nappies and not the way in which I’d done it at Mothercare. Often your baby won’t suit certain styles of nappies and you won’t know until the baby is out in the big wide world and you’ve tried them out (and inevitably had some impressive, rather stinky, failures). So, wasting your money on loads of nappies that might not work is a rather bad idea. Bless her, she was fantastic!

I became more and more confident.

Netmums was quickly followed by ebay and cloth nappy I steadily built up a range of preloved (used) nappies that were lovingly washed and put away neatly in little baskets on the changing table in readiness for my little bundle to make his/her appearance. Then a visit to the online Nappy Lady really helped. She has a lot of advice, an online live chat and lots of lovely nappies. I got some very useful help that really increased my confidence.


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