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Best of both worlds – Pocket Nappies

on January 2, 2012

Cloth can be scary!

I came across pocket nappies when I was on ebay one day. Now, ebay has rules that you’re not meant to sell or buy used nappies, but many people do and it’s a great place to find bargain nappies that really are worth getting. So, another baby may have pooed in it. Big deal! That’s exactly what your little prince or princess is going to do, so once they’ve been washed it’s really not an issue.

I got hold of some nappies that people call eBay cheapies in the cloth nappy world. I got mine preloved (already used) but they really are rather cheap to buy from new from sellers like 97kgallery, who has always been very good for me, with quick postage. These nappies are pocket nappies and work as follows.

Most of these are eBay cheapie nappies, but the red one is a Baba+Boo pocket nappy.

Pocket nappies have an outer (could be PUL or a minky soft fabric with a hidden PUL layer inside). They then have an inner soft part sewn to the outer, with a space between them like a pocket.

You slide pads inbetween the two layers (boosters) that create an absorbent layer for catching wee. This means that you can customise pocket nappies a great deal by putting in whatever inners you wish.

Some people use prefolds, some use boosters made of varying fabrics (bamboo, hemp, microfleece, zorb, charcoal) and this is known as ‘stuffing’. You can also use the nappies unstuffed to act as wraps over the top of a fitted nappy.

I love pockets! They, to me, are the most versatile of the nappies that I own as I can adjust the thickness and absorbency depending on how my baby is, what time of the day I need to use them and how long between changes I need to go. I have a mixture of eBay cheapies, some Weenotions and a fab Baba+Boo which is a great nappy! I often stuff mine with my Bumgenius Flip staydry inserts or my Bambino Mio prefolds, and they seem (so far) to be working a treat. I have recently discovered Weenotions pocket nappies, which are THE most gorgeous nappies in existence, in my opinion. They are beautiful, soft, fluffy nappies that can be embroidered and personalised however you wish. They can even digitalise an image for you. I have only got preloved ones as I can’t justify the expense, yet, but they are very very lovely!

Weenotions have opened up another part of the cloth nappy world to me – the WAHM world. There are many Work At Home Mums out there who make beautiful nappies and nappy accessories. Weenotions is a company made by some very talented WAHM’s but there are many others out there, such as Rosie Boo (gorgeous nappies – I got a Very Hungry Caterpillar one preloved for when monster was a newborn, but at that stage I was too tired and bleary-eyed to look into the WAHM world!) and Peach Pear Plum. I’m actually refraining from looking too much into these as I have to resist the urge to buy many more as I’ve pretty much got all my nappy stash sorted out. But, ooooh – they are beautiful!!!

Weenotions wonderfulness!


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