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Cloth and Cream

on January 2, 2012


One thing that I didn’t know when I started cloth nappying was that most of the creams that you can buy to deal with nappy rashes aren’t any good when you use cloth. How annoying is that! Many of them clog up the fibres in cloth nappies and significantly decrease absorbency of nappies.

So, all those creams that I’d bought were pretty useless. Grrr! I was so annoyed when I found that out. But then, I started to think in a different way. Most of those creams were laden with chemicals of one kind of another. As I read more and more into what was safe to use with my nappies something became very clear. They were all natural products which actually tied in rather nicely with the ethos of using cloth, of not having chemicals near my baby’s bum. That made me happier.

But, where to get them from? The internet, again. Most shops locally didn’t stock anything appropriate, apart from Waitrose. They had some lovely Green Baby cream and their own yummy Bottom Butter which is also great for wrinkles, apparently!

The cream that everyone in the cloth bum mummy world is raving about at the moment is CJ’s BUTTer. This is gorgeous! Perfectly safe for cloth bums and comes in a range of ‘flavours; – yummy smells that are really nice. Lots of websites stock them but they seem to run out really quickly!

However, my son developed an awful lactose intolerance rash due to having to use formula to supplement my quite frankly pathetic initial breastmilk supply. It was hideous – red raw with weeping blisters and none of the natural products were touching it. The doctor prescribed a cream along with Metanium nappy cream that not only clogs up nappies, but spectacularly stains them. EEEK! It wasn’t good. So, I resorted to using a cheap fleece blanket and making my own liners that wouldn’t cost too much if they got ruined. They did their job of protecting my precious cloth and actually are still ok. Phew!


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