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It’s a wrap (dreadful pun, I know. Sorry)

on January 2, 2012

So, I know I’ve already written about wraps in the post on terries, but I thought that they probably deserve a little section of their own.

Wraps come in all kinds of forms and are useful little things. They go over a range of nappies, including terries, prefolds, fitteds and hybrids (all-in-two’s) and keep the nasties inside where they belong.
Some wraps are sized, so that they fit a certain weight range (you have to buy the next size up as your baby grows) whilst others are BTP (birth-to-potty). That means that they have a series of poppers at the front that you snap right down when your little cutie is teeny and then gradually unpop as they grow. I personally love BTP ones at the moment but a lot of people prefer fitteds as you can get a much closer fit.


Various types of wraps. Starting from bottom left and going clockwise - Blueberry wrap (sized in medium), Thirsties Duo wrap (size 2), Little Comfort Dr Seuss wrap (size 1), A pumpkin pants fleece soaker (small), Rumperooz BTP wrap in Gumball, and in the middle an embroidered medium Weenotions wrap (old style - the new ones are slimmer fitting)


Wraps come in several different fabrics, but the main one is PUL. This is a plasticky fabric that really does keep the moisture in. You can get PUL in plain or really cool printed fabrics that can brighten up even the most boring white nappy that you hide away underneath. The other fabric options are fleece or wool. These can be especially useful at night as they help to wick away (draw away) moisture from your little one’s bum really effectively. I’ve only used one fleece soaker (a pair of little pants that go over the fitted nappies) so far and I’ve been very impressed. People also use longies/flongies, which are fleece trousers that can double up as PJ bottoms and others use the same things but in wool. I honestly don’t know enough about them, but judging from the preloved and cloth mum boards on the net that I’m part of, they work really well as many mums talk about them.

Now, wraps come in two different types of fastening. Poppers (sometimes called Snaps) or Aplix (which is Velcro). They both have their advantages. Snaps are great as they can’t be undone easily by a toddler who’s just discovered that the most funny thing in the world, ever, is to whip off their own nappy! Aplix is great for quick changes, is pretty much dad and child-minder friendly and you can often get a more snug fit for your baby.

Buying wraps is amazing. There are so, so many out there that trying to list them all here would get tough! I personally use Little Lamb wraps at night as they are so good and a range during the day, including Rumperooz, Weehuggers, Bumgenius Flip covers, Starbunz, Little Comfort, Gen-Y, Smartipants, Green Carbon Living, Blueberry and Weenotions. That’s only scratching the surface of what you can get!!!

The thing that I’ve recently discovered is that the better wraps, in my opinion, are the ones that have double gussets around the legs. These are two layers of elasticated fabric that help keep leaks inside and are what I’m looking for whenever I get any new wraps as they really DO make a difference.


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