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The next choice – Prefolds

on January 2, 2012

The next type of nappy that i came across were the prefolds. I bought a set of ‘Bambino Mio’ nappies preloved from a lovely local mummy for an absolute bargain right at the start of my cloth nappy-buying journey. I thought they looked rather fantastic in comparison to what I’d expected cloth nappies to be.

Prefolds are essentially padded cloths that you fold up and put inside a nappy wrap (see my Choices – Terries post for more detail on these). They are generally incredibly absorbant and can be fanned out and folded in slightly different ways for girls, boys or heavy wetters. Many mummies swear by them and they are very popular. There is no need for anything like a nappy pin or nippa as they just sit inside the nappy wrap a little like a sanitary pad does inside knickers.

But these weren’t really for us. They involved a lot of putting together and my hubby just didn’t seemed too convinced. So I kept them at the bottom of the nappy changing unit, just in case. They’ve actually ended up being very useful indeed as inserts for other nappies such as pocket nappies that I’ll write about at some point. Prefolds are really thirsty little things and they soak up an awful lot. They are now used around our house for mopping up sick and also make fantastic polishing cloths!

Washing these is just as simple as terries (I’ll do a separate washing post at some point). They can be soaked to remove stains and then bunged in the washing machine. Simples!


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