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Wiping it all away…

on January 2, 2012

various cloth wipes

There’s something that, I’ve got to be honest, I don’t understand. Lots of mums that use cloth nappies don’t use reusable wipes. To me, that’s a little odd! Reusable wipes are square of fabric (often flannel, terry, fleece or minky) that you use to clean up a mucky bum and then wash and use again. If you’re using cloth nappies then, to me, it makes sense to go the whole hog and use these fantastic, money-saving wipes.

Yet again, though, you can’t buy them in shops unless you’re very lucky and have a nappy shop near you. So – for most of us we have to go trawling through the net again to find good ones. I made some clanging mistakes whilst buying my wipes and I’m going to be brave and share them with you.

For me – just getting fleece wipes is a no no. Fleece is great for dealing with just a wet bottom, or for drying off a bum after you’ve wiped it. But all it does with poo is smear it all over the place. Yuck!

Then, on the other hand – wipes that are just terry/flannel don’t really work for me either. I prefer double-sided wipes that have terry on one side and fleece on the other. Terry to deal with poo as it grips it pretty well, and fleece for wees and/or drying. They should be about the size of my hand so that I can get a good sweep on that little bottom, and they should feel not too thin! Most of the time I only need one wipe per change which is a massive difference to how many disposable wipes I’d use.

I initially bought the full cheeky wipes set, as these were the first reusable wipes that I came across whilst Googling for them and they looked like a great idea. And they are! They are very popular and really easy to use. I got the set that has wipes, two lovely-smelling fragrances, two bags (one for clean wipes and one for mucky wipes when you’re out and about), and two boxes (a clean one and a mucky one). However, after a while of using it religiously – and correctly, I’ve found that the mucky wipes box and bag are surplus to requirement for me as the wipes just go in the nappy pail or the wetbag with my dirty nappies. But, for a non-cloth user, they’d be great. I’m going to use my mucky box downstairs as one for clean wipes when we start weaning (BLW). It’ll be needed – I’ve been told!

My favourite wipes that I’ve bought so far have been the Nature Babies double-sided ones that I got off amazon. Very boring white, but do the job beautifully. I’m very tempted by the new wipes that Baba+Boo have just started to stock and I’ve been eyeing up some Weenotions ones.

But – I got brave a while back and took the plunge… and made my own! I cut up an old fleece blanket and got some terry bamboo fabric from my local fabric shop. All I did was cut out squares of both fabrics, put them back-to-back and hem round them. I don’t have an overlocker so I’m hoping that they won’t eventually fray. I’ve been using them for nearly 5 months now, and they’re doing really well! They are a little smaller than my other wipes so I often use them during changes to put over my little one’s willy so that I don’t get caught out by fountain pees! They’re also great for drying his bottom before putting on a new nappy as the fleece is much thicker than my other wipes. I’m quite proud of my work!!!

I made these!!!


2 responses to “Wiping it all away…

  1. Helen says:

    I nearly bought the cheeky wipes when they were half price and as usual forgot!!

  2. Ahhh you should so get them! Or… I’ll make you some one day! Then you’ll feel that you’d have to try them to keep me happy. Mwah..ha…ha…ha (evil genius laugh)

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