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Advice I’d give to someone starting out

on January 3, 2012


I’ve had a few friends ask me about starting out with cloth nappies. Apparently, now that I’ve been doing this for a few months – I’m a seasoned pro! The good thing is that I know enough to give some, hopefully, sensible advice that I wish someone had done for me at the start.

The first thing I’d say is try to find a mummy in your local area that uses cloth who you can talk to and bounce ideas off. I found some via Netmums, and via eBay (believe it or not) when I bought a few nappies off people. There are slingmeet groups in lots of town and many mummies who use slings seem to like cloth too. So, that could be your starting point. Please, whatever you do, don’t listen to tales from some older relatives about how much hard work cloth is – they would have used terries and probably don’t have a clue about the new, modern cloth nappies. My mum, bless her, was quite amazed when she saw the nappies I’ve got!

Then – when you’re ready – only buy a few. It’ll be so so damn tempting to go out and get a whole, enormous stash for when your little bump turns magically into a gorgeous, squidgy little newborn – but I really would advise you to not go nuts. This is because different types of nappies suit different babies. The shapes are slightly different and some fit chunky babies better whereas others are designed for the slimmer baby in mind. My little chunk really didn’t suit quite a few of the nappies I got and so I had to sell them on to fund others.

Buy preloved nappies at first so that you can see which ones work. Preloved nappies are ones that other people have used before you and then sell on to you at a much cheaper price. There are so many sites out there that you can get these from. I’ve bought them from clothnappytree, from the preloved cloth nappy board on facebook and from a group on facebook called ‘cloth bum mums’, as well as eBay (although you’re not actually meant to sell preloved nappies on there – but many people do). I also – quite amazingly – got a whole set of 20 size 1 Little Lamb nappies and wraps free via my local Freecycle. It’s incredible what people give away and I’ve seen other nappies going on there too. It’s worth joining up!

If you’re going to buy new – look out for sales! Also, try the cheapy eBay pocket nappies that you can get – some of them are very good. Other great ways to do very affordable nappies are to go to companies and websites such as Baba+Boo, Weepickles and Tiny Nippers. They all do very good, reliable nappies that won’t break the bank.

By initially getting your nappies this way, you’re not going to be too put by a larger outlay and you’ll be able to figure out what works for you. I’d aim for a range of the different types of nappies and work out which ones best suit your lifestyle. Some people would be great at folding terries whereas others would really rather have the quick and easy nappies that are like disposables (all-in-ones or pockets). I’d start to save up a bit of money so that you’ve got a fund ready to spend on the nappies that you want once you’ve made up your mind what works for you. Ask relatives to help you out towards them as baby gifts – it’d be really nice of them if they did! You can buy vouchers called ‘Nap Nap’ vouchers – check and see if the retailer you’re thinking of using accepts them!


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