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Smelling oh so sweet! Using wipes and wipes solutions.

on January 3, 2012

When I initially started using my lovely cloth wipes, I just used plain water as my son was a newborn. They did the job remarkably well and cleaned everything up a treat. But then, one day, he started to get eczema – quite nasty scaly eczema. It was partly a reaction as it turned out he is lactose intolerant and as I’d had to top up my pathetic breastmilk supply with some formula, he’d had a reaction.

Obviously, we had all the usual creams and lotions and potions, but then someone suggested adding a splash of organic olive or sunflower oil into my wipes water. So I did! It really helped – I was very impressed! As I looked into this more and more I started to realised that there are many different natural wipes solutions that you can either buy or make to help your baby, or just to make his/her bottom smell gorgeous!

I’ve just realised that I’m jumping ahead a little. In my previous post I wrote about cloth wipes but never talked about how I use them. It’s really easy. I have a box (I use the Cheeky Wipes Fresh Box but any tupperware box with a lid will do). I fill the box with warm water (about 3cm deep) and then add whatever I wish to it to make a wipes solution. I swirl it around for a bit before putting in my stack of wipes. I press down, turn the whole lot over, press down again and then they’re ready to go. When I want to use one, I just get it out, give it a squeeze and use. I have a stack of dry fleecy ones for drying his bum as well. Some mummies prefer to have their wipes dry and put the solution in a little spray bottle so that you wet as you go along.

Going out with reusable wipes is just as easy. I take damp wipes with me in a little wetbag, use them as necessary and then chuck them into the larger dirty wetbag with the nappies, ready to throw in the nappy pail when I get home. I use the bag I got with the Cheeky Wipes kit but there are lots of others that you can get. I know that a lot of mummies use the small or extra small Monkeyfoot bags for wipes and there’s a lady on Facebook who runs her own company called ‘Sew Pumpkin’ who does some lovely bags too.

Now, back to solutions! Honest moment, here, I’ve not tried many yet but I’m starting to experiment more and more now that my little one is past the 3 month mark and I can start to use more things on his skin. Natural oils have many different benefits and I’m going to experiment with creating different blends and adding other natural ingredients to create my own solutions. I’ve used the following so far:-

Chamomile Tea! – I heard that this was good for clearing up nappy rash. Little one got a bad case of it when his lactose intolerance flared up and his bottom was really sore. I swished a Chamomile teabag around in warm water and then added a couple of drops of olive oil. It was fab and really helped to soothe his little bottom.

Chamomile and Lavender oil – this smells amazing and I used it a lot to make a fresh smelling wipes solution with just warm water.

I’ve just ordered some CJ’s Carcass cleaner from in a Mango, Sugar and Mint flavour that sounds as if it’s going to be nice and fresh smelling. You can this from many other websites (I’ll put in a post at some point listing all the websites that I know about so far) and apparently all you have to do is put a couple of squirts into your wipes water and swish it around. I’ll let you know how it goes!

As I find out about more wipes solutions, I’ll add more to the blog – it’ll be a good way for me to remember my own recipes!!! I’ve been looking at this website that has some really interesting information about using essential oils with babies and I plan on taking that info and creating solutions from it. I know you can get some great deals on aromatherapy oils if you go to a wholeseller for the beauty trade.


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