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But will clothes fit? Dressing a cloth bum babe

on January 4, 2012


There’s something that you often don’t think about when deciding to cloth bum a baby and that’s their actual clothes. I know it seems strange, but the thought that normal clothing might not always fit over a big, squidgy bottom, never entered my head. Thing is – most baby clothes are made to fit over disposables nowadays and don’t always leave room in them for cloth.

So – you get a snug fit….what does that matter? It actually matters quite a lot. If cloth nappies are compressed by tight clothing then they tend to leak. A lot. This is called wicking, where the nappy gets compressed and you get moisture leaking through. I found that out the hard way and had a very grumpy little boy in his carseat, howling loudly, with a sodden wet bottom because I’d put on some baby jeans that were, quite frankly, almost spray on tight. Never again. They didn’t really do much for him anyway and I’d only put them on because they were a gift and I felt that I should!

What I’ve discovered is that I generally have to buy the next size up of trousers for my little one so that they have enough room in the bottom area to allow for his cloth. Luckily my little boy is very long, so I don’t have to worry too much about the length of trousers at the moment – but I’m sure that I’ll have to take up a few when he starts toddling. Baby jeans are pretty much a no-no and I tend to stick to lovely stretchy trousers as they have more give, and they’re very cute!

There are some companies that seem to be better for cloth nappy friendly clothing. So far, I’ve found that H&M are brilliant as they seem to be cut for cloth and there’s an online company called Frugi www.welovefrugi.comwho make clothing specifically for little cloth bums. They’re not cheap, but they look really nice.

Tops generally aren’t an issue but if you have vests/tops that press-stud at the crotch, then you will more than likely need to invest in some vest extenders These are great little inventions. They’re rectangles of material (usually white) that have poppers at either end.


They popper onto the poppers on your clothing and extend that area under the crotch and, therefore, relieve any pressure in that department = less leaks! Magic! I’d get a fair few of these as they’re like socks – amazing how quickly they can vanish into that black hole in your house.

Being very honest, though, my little soldier spends a lot of his days in babygrows. I love them. They’re stretchy, soft and just very cute. He’s going to have years of wearing proper clothes so I’m enjoying him being a baby for a long as possible. Ones that I’ve found seem to work better with cloth are ones from Jojomamanbebe, John Lewis, Boots and Matalan My favourites are the first two as they really are better quality cotton and are nice and wide, which allows room for a cloth bum. John Lewis are amazingly good value – not much more than Next!

Little girls can have a whole range of lovely clothing that is made for showing off cloth nappies, and companies such as Rosie Boo the most stunning dresses and matching nappies that make me long for a daughter! There is also a trend for rufflebum nappies (I think Peach Pear Plum do these, as do other WAHM’s) and they are gorgeous for showing off under dresses.

Babylegs are another way that you can show off your nappies whilst keeping your little one warm and they are great for little ones that are crawling around as they protect their legs. These are, effectively, really really long socks/legwarmers that go right up to the nappy (but don’t cover it). They’re a great alternative to tights for girls (as you haven’t got the pressure of tights over cloth)and provide an extra layer of warmth under trousers for clothy boys. , or you could just let your little one wander around in a nappy, top and some babylegs! They are also know as huggalugs and there are other names too (I think…)

I don’t have any yet but I’m going to be getting them soon, as my little one will be starting to crawl in the coming months. You can get them all over the place but I’m going to look at the ones that Weepickles stock first as they’re not going to break the bank if I don’t like them. I know that Bumgenius do them and the Weenotions ones look gorgeous. I’ll get some babyleg action shots once we’re up and running!



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