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Following in Mummy’s footsteps.

on January 4, 2012

Going slightly off-topic here for a moment, but i just couldn’t resist. When I went home to see my family over Christmas, I met up with my husband’s cousin who has recently got into cloth nappies with her fourth child. First of all, it was so lovely to see her and talk to her about how she’s getting on and her little boy looked ever so cute toddling around with his big, squishy cloth bottom!

But then – something even cuter happened. Her adorable little girl came up to me to show me her doll and the amazing Christmas presents that she’d got for her. It was a little cloth nappy bag, complete with two dinky little cloth nappies (one with snaps and one with aplix), a little cloth changing mat and some tiny cloth wipes. She could change her dolly just the same way that her Mummy was changing her little brother. They were beautifully-made and just stunning.

Now, I remember when I was four, when my little brother was born that my Mum and Dad got me a doll so that I had a ‘baby’ to look after too. I adored that doll. She went everywhere with me, I dressed her on the floor next to my brother as he was being changed and dressed and I loved playing at being a Mummy. I copied my Mum in every way and I adored it. OK, so later on in life the doll got a haircut, had strange gothic makeup and got her nose and eyebrow pierced… but as a little girl I would have absolutely loved that nappy set.

I quizzed my hubby’s cousin about them and found out that the very talented Amy makes them and sells them on her website I just wish I had a little girl that I could buy them for! I’m sure you can probably find others on the web but I just felt that I had to give these a mention as they really are stunning.

Amy is starting to make her own BTP nappies and wraps soon, so those will be something to look out for too. If they’re anywhere near as well made as the little doll nappies then I’m sure they’ll be great as the attention to detail on those was wonderful.


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