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The wonderful world of the cloth mum groups on the web

on January 4, 2012

Part of the fun of cloth nappying is joining an online group where you can meet other lovely, cloth bum mummies, buy some nappies preloved to try out (or just so that you can get more in your stash or swap and change around), sell some of your nappies if you want to and generally indulge in nappy-related chat. I know that, to a potential new cloth bum mum, you’re probably wondering whether there is really that much to talk about – believe you me, there really is. Be it basic nappy chat, what’s the best way to do this and that (eg – line your nappies, wash your nappies, anything you can probably think of!!) or more complex stuff linked into designing and even making your own nappies!

I have joined a few different groups and they are all full of lovely mummies who have been very helpful indeed in guiding me on my clothy way! Cloth Nappy Tree is a great place to start and they have lots of information on the various forum areas to help you out. Cloth Nappy Addicts is another good site is another website that is also very useful. I’m also a member of the Cloth Nappy Group on and various groups on Facebook (Cloth Bum Mums and Green Fluffy Bottoms being the main ones – you can find them in the Search function of Facebook).

When you get on these sites, you’ll see loads and loads of shortened versions of nappy names, types, brands, etc – these can be really confusing! I’m going to list as many as I can to try and help you out. Most of these are taken from a document that a lovely lady called Ivanda Minnaar did on the Cloth Bum Mum group on Facebook and I thank her loads for letting me use it to crib from! I’ve used some of these already in this blog, but it won’t hurt to list them again!

AIO – All in one nappy
SIO – Snap in One (these have snap in inserts and boosters and they’re sometimes colour-coded for ease. You can often reuse the outer and put in new inserts by buying extra)
Pocket Nappy with a waterproof outer and a pocket between that and the lining. Pockets can be stuffed with anything absorbant – Microfibre or bamboo being the most popular
Insert stuffing for pocket nappies – can be a pad or a folded prefold nappy
Boosters absorbant pads that can be used with pockets or fitted nappies to increase absorbency.
Wraps Waterproof wraps. Can be made from PUL or Fleece
MF Microfibre
SS Side Snap – where a nappy fastens at the sides with poppers/snaps
OSFM One Size Fits Most (both waist and rise (how big the nappy can fit from crotch to waist) are adjustable so that they can fit smaller and bigger babies)
BTP Birth To Potty (Same as OSFM) Nappies that should fit your baby from start to finish.
OBV Organic Bamboo Velour – a type of fabric
EUC Excellent Used Condition – when you’re buying nappies preloved you’ll see this, and variations of it – eg EEUC = Excellent, Excellent used condition, GUC = Good used condition (you get the idea!)
Aplix A velcro-type fastening for nappies (softer than velcro)
Snaps/Poppers The other main type of fastening for nappies – they close with poppers and this is great if you have a toddler who likes taking off their nappy!
NN Night Nappy
OS One Size (same as BTP or OSFM)
OSFA One Size Fits All
SR Standard Rise
HR HIgh Rise
Fleece Soakers Like a pair of shorts made from fleece that are worn over fitted nappies instead of a wrap. These are often worn at night to help prevent leaking as the fleece draws moisture away from the nappy
Wool Soakers As above but knitted from 100& wool, washed and then lanolised. By adding lanolin to them you effectively waterproof them (I think _ i’m not really sure on these yet – something I’ve yet to try!)
Flongies Long Fleece trousers that do the same job as soakers, but are obviously warmer and can double up as PJ bottoms
FFP Free For Postage
PP PayPal
MMAO Make me an offer – you can message that person and try to come to a deal on what you’ll pay for the nappies
plus fees The person selling the nappies wants you to add in the costs of the PayPal fees. Cloth Nappy Tree do a calculator that’ll help you work out the costs
Gifted Be careful with this one. This is where you send money to someone via PayPal as a Gift, rather than for Goods. The problem with this is that if the person you’re buying from doesn’t then send you the nappies, you’ve got no leg to stand on when opening up a PayPal dispute to try and get your money back. I’d personally always go with buying nappies as Goods and dealing with the Paypal fees. You’re more protected (I think!)
All in – the seller is including postage and PayPal fees in the price that you see.

WN – Wee Notions (custom nappies)
WNNN – Wee Notions Night Notions (fitted night nappies)
WNNL – Wee Notions Northern Lights (Day Fitted nappies)
BG – Bum Genius
TB – Tots Bots
CP – close Parent (pop in nappies)
RB – Rosie Boo’s (custom nappies)
PPP – Peach Pear Plum (custom nappies)
BBOS – Blueberry OneSize
BBSS – Blueberry Side Snap
EH – Ella’s House
EHBH – Ella’s House Bum Hugger (night nappy)
HL – Holden’s Landing (custom nappies)
DnF – Dunk n Fluff
OWW – Owe Whoa When
FnS – Fun n Stuff
LL – Little Lambs
B+B – Baba+Boo
Rump – Rumparooz (seen others for this – just can’t remember what they are!)
DD – Diddy Diapers
Fuzzi – Fuzzibunz (I’ve seen FB for this too)

ISO – In search of
DISO – Desperately in search of

There are obviously many many more but that should help! It’s a bit of a minefield (same as any website/forum situation where they have acronyms and abbreviations) and it can seem a bit mindblowing, but they’re quite simple once you get going. These groups are well worth it for the advice alone. So – get out there and get chatting!!!


5 responses to “The wonderful world of the cloth mum groups on the web

  1. Ithylkalina says:

    Thank you so much, this is just what I need! Hoping to cloth bum my second baby and you’ve just made the headache of being a cloth virgin so much better! πŸ˜€

  2. Oh! Wow! Thank you so much for being so nice! I’m glad it’s useful. I just started writing this for me and a few friends, really, but I’ve been brave and put up links and I’m just so happy you like it! I really didn’t have a clue when I started and I’m learning all the time as there’s just so much out there!

    If there’s anything in particular you need to know, just send me a comment and I’ll try and put up a post to help. X

  3. Mandi says:

    Thankyou so much for this info, I was sent over from facebook by Helen, when I asked about cloth nappies, think I will take the plunge xxx

  4. Thank you so much for the feedback!! Isn’t Helen lovely πŸ™‚ if there’s anything you need to know, then just send me a message through a comment and I’ll try and cover it in a post for you! Do you know anyone local to you who uses cloth? It’s always nice to be able to have a look and a feel πŸ˜‰

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