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Little warm fact of the day

on January 6, 2012

As we currently have no heating, we’re hunkered down in either our bedroom with an oil-filled radiator or in our lounge with our elec fire on full blast. Walking through the hallways is one icy journey that sends shivers right to our cores. My little man woke up this morning, snuggled up against me and needed a change. Now – as you know – we’re having to use a sposie at night at the moment, but the second I put his cloth nappy on he gave a little grin, made an ahhhhh sound and wiggled his bottom happily.

It could be coincidence but I think that he likes the warmth of a lovely, cushioned bottom! I’d chosen one of our bigger nappies on purpose as I thought it’d give him an extra layer of warmth, so today (at the moment) Monkey is sporting a nice snuggly Little Lamb with a fleece wrap over the top. Should keep him nice and toasty!


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