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It makes sense – making some money back!

on January 7, 2012


In my house, we’re all currently full of colds and suffering from a lack of heating due to our boiler going bang (yes, please give us an awwwwwww…. sound – feeling sorry for myself here!) but whilst I’ve been here, snuggled under the duvet with my big man next to me and little man on top, clinging onto me like a monkey, I’ve just realised that I haven’t really talked about something quite important.

I know I’ve mentioned buying preloved (used) nappies and how cost effective it can be, but there’s a glaringly obvious flipside. Selling them! Whilst you won’t get your money back completely, you’ll definitely get some return. Certain nappies seem to sell better than others and there’s always a call for preloved custom nappies, such as Weenotions, Peach Pear Plum’s, Rosie Boo’s, Bonnibuns, etc.

It might be well worth stalking a few preloved boards to see the kind of stuff that really sells before investing in the more expensive nappies. Whilst it’s lovely to get a custom nappy with your little one’s name embroidered on it, it might not be easy to sell on ( you’ll prob want to put it in a memory box anyway! )

But (and here’s food for thought) if you invested £600 in nappies and managed to sell them all after you’d finished with them, you could make about half that back! Same cant be said for disposables!


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