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Veering wildly off topic. My fun with feeding my baby.

on January 7, 2012

I just thought i’d take a moment, whilst I’m holed up in bed with my snotty baby, to revisit something that I posted on a birth board that I’m a member of online. Feeding was, initially, incredibly challenging for me and as I’m lying here – I’ve been thinking about just how far I’ve come.I wrote this about two months after Monkey was born (he’s now five months old).

Just thought I’d post this for any other mums who might be going through something similar, as we’ve had loads of fun…

Ok -I wanted to exclusively breastfeed and managed it for the first week. Well, I say managed… What I mean is – had a nightmare as my milk wasn’t coming through at all and I had a baby with an undiagnosed Tongue tie. So, it was pretty awful. You don’t sleep much with a newborn, but when he’s screaming and so so upset as there’s no food, then it’s very difficult.

Had lots of visits from our local bf support ladies, who were amazing, and ended up taking fenugreek, drinking mother’s milk tea and being prescribed domperidone tablets. They worked. A bit. Gradually, my milk supply improved after i started the tablets. Now, I know that the more the baby latches, the better your supply gets. But mine wasn’t. Even the bf support ladies started to suggest formula feeding. It was getting more and more tough.
I eventually caved one night when he was so upset that he was finding it hard to breathe, was purple and breath-holding. We topped him up with formula.

But… SMA gold made him projectile vomit. As did other milks. Then he got an ulcerated bottom that looked so so sore. That made me feel like an dreadful mummy. Not only could I not give my baby enough milk from me, but the milk I had given him had made him like that. Then he broke out in a huge allergy rash. We went back to the doctors. After a stool sample and culture test, they diagnosed lactose intolerance.
So he was allergic to all the milks and we only hadn’t seen these symptoms earlier as I don’t eat much dairy as I’m milk protein intolerant (I love cheese, but I pay the price later!).

He was prescribed Nutramigen, which is a hypoallergenic formula. But it’s like water, so he initially gulped it down. We had lots of choking, coughing, weeing and masses of sick. Like, whole rivers of it.
So, back I went. Then as I was talking to the doctor, he and I realised that my son was sick a LOT. He diagnosed reflux (we’d already been diagnosed colic weeks earlier). So, then we got given infant Gaviscon. That was a diaster as it made him so constipated that we had screaming and he was in so much pain. Back we went again. Eventually, we got Rantidine and Domperidone.
We also went to see a cranial osteopath – an amazing experience. DS relaxed properly for the first time and he’s had two sessions so far, and is happier after each one.
I now have a different child. He is far far happier, his feeds fill him up (I still bf but top up with the hypo milk when needed) and he’s keeping more down. He’s a ‘happy puker’, apparently, and will just squirty sick up clear liquid every now and then.

Sorry for the long post, but thought it could be useful for anyone going through this and not sure what to do. I didn’t have much of a clue and it’s taken a lot to get here!

So, since writing that – my little one is a different child. He had his tongue tie looked at, which resulted in a little operation being done to snip it. This made a huge difference to his latch and now he’s almost exclusively breastfed. My supply increased and I no longer need to take as many tablets. It’s still not quite enough for him, but the difference is dramatic.

There is a link, I promise, to nappying in that I’ve had bf poos for longer as a result. These are more liquid than the ones he does when he has the odd bottle of formula, but are relatively easy to deal with. BF poo is, apparently, less sticky so I just deal with the liner, chuck the nappy in the pail and the washing machine does the rest. Weaning is peeking around the corner, so I’m sure that this will all change. Delightful!!!


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