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Into the great wide open – going out and about with cloth

on January 8, 2012


Changing a cloth bummed baby outside of the safety of my four walls was something that initially daunted me. I had visions of having a meltdown whilst dealing with icky nappies, not being able to get my head around the concept of carrying them around with me and generally just being a wuss. I got myself all worked up into a silly little frenzy over, what turned out to be, nothing major at all!

The secret to going out with cloth is to be organised. I learnt very quickly that packing my changing bag the night before was a good idea, as I then wasn’t running around scrabbling for wipes and wetbags with a babbling baby attached to me. So, the night before, I work out which nappies I’ll need for the next day (sometimes practicality wins and sometimes prettiness takes over!) and put them in my bag, along with some fresh, wet wipes that I put into a little wetbag (I have the Cheeky Wipes bag but I’m eyeing up either a Monkeyfoot or a Sewpumpkin). Then, I always make sure I have a little pot of cream (I’ve decanted some into one of those little Clinique tester pots) and a couple of zipped wetbags. My current favourites are the Itti Bitti ones as they are lovely and soft, but really reliable and keep the smells and the moisture inside where they belong.

And that’s it! Not really that tough at all. As I have a little happy puker (google it for terminology linked to reflux to see what I mean), I always have to take lots of extra clothes and so my changing bag is rather full. I’ve got a Pacapod Almora and it’s a bit of a tight squeeze, but I just about manage. My favourite nappies for going out and about are Bum Genius Flips as they pack down very small when I use the Staydry inserts. All I have to do is change the pad if the nappy is wet and I can reuse the outer shell. If he’s done a poo then, sometimes, I can get away with just wiping the shell down and reusing it, but I always have a couple of spare outers with me – just in case.

I just change him, as normal, take out the paper liner (if I’ve remembered to line) and get rid of any poo, then chuck it in the wetbag and throw them into my nappy pail when I get home. A good wetbag will keep in all the smells and moisture, and there are some gorgeous prints out there! What I love are the looks that I get from other mums as I change my baby, if it’s a communal changing area with more than one nappy station. It’s often a mix of intrigue and confusion! Some mummies ask questions about them, which I relish and I’ve had some lovely conversations with potential new cloth bum mums.

I’ve found, on various online groups that I belong to, that the quest for the perfect cloth nappy bag isn’t an easy one for some people. There are a vast amount of cloth mums that use rucksacks as they have more room in them. I keep hearing mention of the Miracle Bag, and that does look as if it might have a little more room in it, which is important as (obviously) cloth nappies are more bulky than disposables. The one that I like the look of is the Skip Hop Duo. This is designed for using with twins, so looks as if it’ll have a lot of room. If you’re formula feeding as well, then you could probably do with the extra space. I have the irritating problem of a low breastmilk supply and generally carry around some bottles and bits and bobs just in case – so a big bag is useful.

So – going out with cloth isn’t the scary thing I thought it’d be. In fact, I did it when little chunk was four days old and I survived! I was very impressed with myself. Then, when he was ten weeks old I did a drive to see my folks that lasted 7 hours. Not only did I manage to change cloth nappies, but I also breastfed all the way up (something that scared me silly but I’m now very comfortable with). Go, me! The point is – don’t worry! It’s honestly ok. If I can do it (and I’m a neurotic freak at the best of times – I worry about EVERYTHING), then you can! I dare you!


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