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Wonderful Wetbags!

on January 9, 2012


I touched on the subject on wetbags in my post on travelling and going out and about with cloth nappies. Wetbags are a fab invention! There are all different types, in many varying shapes, sizes and funky prints out there that you can get hold of. Some of them are zipped and some are drawstring. I personally prefer zipped bags as they do seem to keep the smell of a dirty nappy inside the bag, where it quite rightly belongs.

Monkeyfoot wetbags are coveted by many cloth bum mummies and I have yet to get one of these little beauties. They are very sturdy, beautifully-made bags that are well known for keeping everything contained whilst looking stunning. They are made in the US and you can get them at various online shops. Some prints are very sought after and you have to get in quick – especially for the XL size which people often use instead of a nappy pail. MF bags come in many different sizes and the XS or S ones are often used for holding wipes, and you can even get double bags that can hold wet and dry items in different sections. Very clever!

Itti Bitti wetbags are my personal favourite and link in to my current obsession with the Aussie gorgeousness that are the Itti Bitti creations. I love these. There is just something about the beautifully soft fabric that they’re made from that make me feel just, erm… snuggly. Is that the right way to feel about a bag that contains dirty nappies? Probably not. But, get one (or find a friend and have a stroke….make of that what you will…) and you’ll more than likely be overcome by fuzzy feelings towards them as well. They really do keep in the smells/moisture, look great slung in the bottom of your pram, don’t scream loudly “I contain pooooooo” and dry quickly. They don’t come in different sizes but hold enough nappies for a day out, which is good enough for me.

Rumperooz do some lovely wetbags that have prints that match their lovely, bombproof nappies and wraps. I don’t have one of these yet but I’m keeping an eye out for any preloved, or for any sales! I’ve been told that they’re incredibly reliable and hold a good number of nappies, which make them great alternatives for nappy pails.

I’ve got more Close Parent wetbags than I can remember, and these are great little bags. They come in different sizes and I often take a few of the small ones with me to hold wipes or pop in used inserts when I’m out and about. The only downside to them is that the ones I have are drawstring, instead of zip, and I really do prefer zipped bags. However, the larger bags are brilliant for putting clothes into, for using as swim bags and for general use around the house.

I also have a Smartipants Smartpail. This was a last minute purchase that we made before we went away to stay with my parents for a couple of weeks. We live a long way from all of our extended family (they took over the local area and we fled to Southern Pastures!) and needed something to put all the nappies in whilst we were there. Taking pails just wasn’t possible due to the mammoth amount of stuff you need to pack in the car when you have a newborn. So, we got it – and I was really impressed. The only downside to them is that, in my opinion, theym just come in a plain colour (we got a light blue one) and I’d personally love more vibrancy, more patterns, more ooomph! But, as far as functionality goes, I can’t knock it. It works, brilliantly.

There are many, many more wetbags out there – these are only the few that I know of. I’m very tempted by the Baba+Boo ones that have the same colours as their gorgeous nappies. The Vintage Rose is my current favourite – but is it wrong that I lust after a pink wetbag when I have a little boy? Hmmmm – not sure on that one… Weehuggers do an interesting looking one called “The Hobo’ which looks like a slouch bag and has a special ‘Wee-be-gone’ patch that helps eliminate any odours. The idea behind these, as far as I can see, is that it’s an actual changing bag that has a section for keeping those nappies from ponging. I like the idea of that! Only thing is that I carry around a lot more in my changing bag, so I’m not too sure it’d be big enough for me. But that’s another post for another day.

If, when you’re out and about, you suddenly realise that your wetbag is happily adorning your airer at home, don’t panic! You can always put your nappies into plastic sacks and deal with them when you get home. Don’t worry about it – we’ve probably all done it (I know I have – baby brain!) To alleviate any potential eco-guilt that I thought I may feel, I bought some eco-disposable nappy sacks from Nature Babies so that I could have them in my changing bag just in case. They’re handy to have around.

Wetbags are great! If you’re going to cloth nappy your little bouncing beauty, then you’ll definitely need them. I’d get at least two, as you’ll be putting them in the wash with your nappies so you’ll need one dry for when you go out.


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