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But it’s soooooo cute! Prettiness vs Practicality

on January 10, 2012


When I first started out using cloth nappies, my priority was clear and simple – Functionality. I wanted nappies that were going to work. I didn’t care what colour they were, whether they had any pretty or funky patterns on them or what kind of fabric adorned their outers. At the end of the day, I reasoned with myself, they’re going under clothes – so what does it matter?

To be honest with you – I was right. Nappies need to work. Whether they are fluffy or not, pretty or plain, poppered, aplix or nippa nappies – they quite simply need to be able to keep in bodily excretions that your darling little poppet will pour (sometimes at quite astounding force!) into them. They need to do a very straightforward job and that’s where terries have been incredibly successful for all these years.

However. And this is a rather large, enormous, HOWEVER. Pretty, funky nappies suck you in. Be warned! One day you’ll have a rather plain, simple-looking stash made up of white, or plain block colours – and then BAM – you’ll suddenly have a veritable rainbow of fluffiness.

Or maybe you won’t! Maybe you’ll be much more restrained than I’ve been!

The funny thing is that my plain nappies are actually some of my most reliable. If I know that my little one is have a dodgy tummy day, out come my Close Parent Pop-In nappies, my Little Lambs, my Bum Genius or my Tots Bots. They do their job incredibly well and I really wouldn’t be without them. They are my workhorse nappies.

But then there are times where I want to dress him up a little. Put on something nice. So I reach for one of my (ummm…many) pretty, funky nappies. Just to explain for one moment – they aren’t actually pretty patterns (that would be odd for a boy!) but the term ‘pretty’ is something that is used a LOT in the cloth nappying world to describe a rather cute nappy with a nice pattern or design on it! These are also very reliable nappies but have that little extra something that comes with colour and pattern!

“BUT IT’S UNDER CLOTHES SO WHAT DOES IT MATTER?” I hear you say, repeating my words back to me and rolling your eyes. It doesn’t matter. But I enjoy it! It’s something that I, and many other cloth mummies, get pleasure from – a bit like dressing your baby in designer clothes or putting on some cute socks, or just picking out a nice top. It’s fun, my baby looks adorable and some of them are incredibly soft and strokable. The bonus will come when he’s a little older and he loves the feel of his nappies as well. I’ve watched my friend’s children toddling around in their own cloth cuteness, stroking them as they wear them. These nappies feel gorgeous against their skin and babies love them!

Funky or pretty patterns aside, for one moment – at the end of the day don’t be swayed by cuteness if a nappy just isn’t going to work for you. I’ve read many post online from cloth bum mums lamenting the fact that the gorgeous nappy they’ve just bought doesn’t fit their baby, no matter how hard they try. If a nappy doesn’t fit, or if it just doesn’t work for you, then it’s not worth having. That’s the bottom (excuse the pun) line. I’ve got a few gorgeous ones that I’m going to have to sell on (even though I love them) because they just don’t work for my chunky boy – they’re designed more for slimmer babies. If I end up swapping for more plain ones that work – then so be it!

I think, maybe, if I had a girl then pretty nappies would take on a whole new level of importance for me. With boys, nappies are hidden underneath trousers so I suppose it’s a little mad that I love funky nappies (but it’s my little thing and I love it!) With girls, however, you can SEE the nappies under a dress if the little cutie leans forwards. That’s why there has been such a rise in the production of Rufflebums. These are nappies with ruffles all over them (on the back in particular) that are unbelievably cute! Some nappies are even made with cute little skirts attached to them so that you don’t need to put your daughter in another skirt at all. Then there are the dresses that I’ve already mentioned that are cut at the back to show off a nappy.

Ok…I want a daughter! I’d better go and inform the hubby…


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