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Make sure you have a look around the blog!

on January 12, 2012


No nappy post from me today – in bed feeling quite rightly very sorry for myself after a rubbish night of a persistent hacking cough, a shivering hubby and a grumpy baby. Writing this as my little one rolls around next to me, happily playing with his Hungry Caterpillar toy as if nothing ever happened!

I’m constantly adding to the blog and updating it, and I’ve added in a few pages that you can click on at the top. There’s one for Competitions/Giveaways/Offers – where (as I come across them) I’ll add links in. Quite often these only last for a day or so, so it’s worth checking quite frequently as you never know – you might get lucky (wouldn’t that be nice!)

I’ve also put up a page where I’ll add links to other blogs that I come across on my travels. Some might be there because I like just one article whereas others will be there as I like the whole thing. I must hasten to point out that not all of the views these people hold will match or mirror my own, so please don’t judge me by all their choices!!!

Finally, I’ve put up a quite exhaustive list of online nappy/accessories companies, including some wonderful WAHM (Work At Home Mum’s). I’ll also add in others, such as clothing companies or ones that just make fab things that you can have a look at. To be honest, I’m doing this for me as it gives me a great crib sheet to go to whenever I can’t remember where I found something. The fact that you get the benefit of it is a bonus! šŸ˜‰

Hope you all have a lovely day. The good news in the Clothbum household is that our heating is now WORKING and we are no longer living like people out of the Dickensian era, complete with our fingerless gloves so that we can soldier on, regardless. Yes, you can cheer and clap for us, we appreciate the sentiments!


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