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Smooth and sleek – the slim-fit nappy

on January 13, 2012


As I mentioned in my post on clothing a cloth bummed baby, most companies don’t produce baby clothes that are cut to accomodate a cloth bottom. Whilst I’ve managed to get around this by choosing clothes from companies such as H&M that allow for cloth, or by dressing my little boy in more stretchy trousers (avoiding jeans almost entirely), somedays it would be nice to be able to dress him in more slim-fitting things.

Looking through my nappy stash, it’s amazing how many nappies I have that just wouldn’t work under, for instance, a pair of baby jeans. There wouldn’t be space for a lot of them at all and for many it’d be a very tight squeeze (and then I’d run the risk of the nappy getting compressed and then leaking/wicking)

So – slim nappies. Ones that I’d use to put under jeans (or the like) would be ones such as Bum Genius Flips or Itti Bitti nappies (especially the All-in-ones). These nappies work really well and have a nice, trim fit that allow me to dress my Monster in things that I wouldn’t normally ever consider. I’m sure that there are others out there, but these are the ones that I possess. They’re also rather good nappies that cope with pretty much whatever the little Monkey throws at them (thank goodness!). In the photo at the start, the nappy on the left is a Close Parent Pop-in. Great nappy but quite bulky. The middle is an Itti Bitti d’Lish and the right hand one is a Bum Genius Flip with a staydry insert.

The only thing is – I actually prefer that slightly padded, cloth bum look – so I tend to gravitate towards slightly bigger nappies anyway. Although…I seem to have acquired a lot more Itti’s recently…


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