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All colours of the rainbow!

on January 16, 2012

As I’ve mentioned before, I initially bought nappies that were functional and really wasn’t too bothered about colour, print, pattern or texture. They were essential poo-catchers and wee-holders. That was that. But as you’re aware, if you’ve read my other posts, my love of cute, funky nappies has grown exponentially and now I have more than I probably should, in all the colours of the rainbow.

Well, almost all the colours. You see, as I have a little bouncing (quite literally – he’s now in his Jumperoo and loves it) baby boy, my stash is significantly lacking all things pink. I just can’t quite see myself putting him in a cerise, pastel pink or magenta nappy, even though I’ll dress him a pink shirt. Odd, isn’t it! I realised this earlier on today and it made me think – why does it matter? Firstly, the nappy is under his clothes and, secondly, pink shirt but not pink nappy? Silly, isn’t it!

The makers of cloth nappies are very much aware that people will want to buy nappies that are more specifically aimed at boys or girls. I’ll be doing a few posts on girly nappies, but having looked at my nappy stash, I’ve come to the conclusion that most of my nappies are gender neutral – they’d be ok for boy or a girl. You’ll see this abbreviated to GN on many cloth nappy blogs/forums/facebook groups.

GN is a good thing, in my opinion. Firstly because if I have another baby, and it turns out to be a girl, I can easily reuse a lot of my nappies without them looking too boyish. Secondly, I also have a wider market of potential buyers on the Preloved nappy websites/ groups that I can sell my nappies on to. It makes an awful lot of sense.

However, I reckon that if I did have a little girl, I’d be very tempted by some of the gorgeous nappies that are around. The worrying thing about girly nappies, as you’ll see when I blog about them, is that you can get outfits to go with them – and this could seriously damage your bank balance. You’ve been warned! As a taster, here’s the gorgeous Lily-Mai in a tutu nappy. I asked for help from some lovely cloth bum mums and got sent some great photos!



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