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Real men wear pink!

on January 17, 2012

Well, after posting about how I wasn’t sure whether or not to dress Monkey in a pink nappy , I have been shown – quite clearly – that real men really can wear pink!

Here we have our gorgeous model, sporting a very fetching Bum Genius in Blossom! Doesn’t he wear it well! So, I’m now thinking – perhaps I CAN have every shade in the Itti Bitti Rainbow without feeling funny about it…


Having seen this beautiful picture, I started to do some research and you can get hold of some very funky pink nappies that really would look good on a boy. And if you want to go that step further, you can even have a custom Weenotions made with the slogan ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ embroidered on it – with, or without a superhero character. How great is that! I’m becoming sorely tempted…


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