Adventures of a Free-From Clothbum Mum!

Cloth nappies, dairy-free living, reviews and parental ramblings!

Ooooh it’s getting interesting! Keep watching out for news!

on January 18, 2012


Well, what a week it’s been and it’s only Wednesday! I started off this little blog as a way of giving out information to a few friends of mine about the real nappies that I’m using, how I’m finding them and what pitfalls I’ve encountered. It’s just grown and grown. I’m getting more and more hits everyday, some lovely emails and messages from people to let me know how they’re finding it, and – well – this week it’s gone and got a whole lot bigger.

I now have a Facebook page (search for Daisy clothbum or go to, I’m also on Twitter (@daisyclothbum) and I’m getting followers! It’s brilliant!

The best news I have had – I can’t actually share with you yet! It’s very exciting, I’ll be revealing more over the next week and yes, you’ll want to get involved!!! But for now, my lips are sealed…as is the surprise!


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