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So – is a Kanga’s pouch really big enough?

on January 18, 2012

In a previous post, I mentioned that there were other wetbags/storage solutions that I wanted to try out. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love my nappy pails at the moment – it’s just so easy to pick up the lid, toss the dirty nappy in and plonk the lid back on to protect against nasty niffs. But, I can foresee a day where my little terror is able to pick up said lid, pick out the contents and – well, it doesn’t really bear thinking about too much.

So – zipped wetbags seem a good way forward. I’ve just had some lovely fluffy post this morning from Nappy Go Lucky which is a beautiful, very funky Rumparooz wetbag in Gumball. You can see this, and their other products (I love their Lil Joey nappies and I have a fab cloth nappy or two of theirs as well) at

What I love about their nappies is that they feel really soft on the outside and yet they’re amazingly absorbant – so I was really impressed when I unwrapped this bag to see that it feels the same. I’ve hung it up on the corner of my changing station and I’m going to give it a whirl. It says it can hold up to 15 nappies, so it’s going to get a good test. I’m quite excited about this – this could mean the end of pails on the floor – which is going to be really helpful when Monkey starts crawling and toddling around (as we’re going to turn his room into much more of a nursery than a dumping ground…)

So, I’ll let you know how it goes – but here’s what my fluffy post looked like this morning!



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