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A sensitive subject… Eco baby!

on January 19, 2012

When I started to use more natural creams and products with the cloth nappies, I hadn’t really thought much about what I’d use for washing/bathing/shampooing my little one – to be frank, I’d bought a whole load of Johnson’s stuff because that’s what my mum used to use on me, and my brother uses it for my gorgeous little niece. It smelt great and it worked for everyone else I knew – so that was that.

Hmmm. Well, it didn’t work out that way. One squirt of that in a large bath of womb-like warm water, and my little cutie-pie came out in the most horrendous rash that covered him from top to toe. Then, to finish it off beautifully, he suddenly announced that he had eczema. Big, scaly patches emerged all over the place, upsetting me greatly as we’d just got rid of the puffy redness that had been present from too much fluid retention at birth, along with the lovely yellow tinge that jaundice provides. I wasn’t happy.

Some of the rash turned out to be a lactose-intolerance reaction to the top-ups of formula that we had been giving him, so that was solved by (thank goodness) my breastmilk coming through more after his tongue-tie was dealt with, as well as moving onto prescription formula to use when necessary. However, my little soldier seemed to be allergic to a lot of the standard baby stuff. Johnson’s was an absolute no-no and got put in the cupboard for us to use, and into a cute little bag to pass on over for my niece.

I started the hunt for something that he could use and realised, quite quickly, that there is a vast array of organic, natural or hypoallergenic products out there for our little ones. We use a range of items, including ones from CJ’s, Green People, Waitrose, Nature Babycare and Burt’s Bees. They’re often not as cheap as picking up the standard ones from supermarkets, but my Monkey’s skin has cleared right up after avoiding any harsh chemicals, so it’s worth it. I’ve mentioned it before, but we love Waitrose’s Bottom Butter in this house (apparently Wilkinson’s do a similar one, but I haven’t had a chance to look yet). It smells lovely and fresh and is also a rather good moisturiser for my skin too!

Thinking about it – I tend to use a lot of natural products myself, so why wouldn’t I use them on my baby. I feel a little daft for not thinking about it in the first place. I have such sensitive skin that he was bound to get it too. Whoops!

Here are some links that I’ve found. Most nappy websites sell products as well.


One response to “A sensitive subject… Eco baby!

  1. Kt says:

    Same here! We love cj’s and burts bees 🙂

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