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Dotty delight! A successful wetbag trial!

on January 19, 2012


As you already know, I got some fab fluffy (well, non-fluffy, but fluff-related) post the other day that I was very happy about. My lovely, dotty Rumparooz wetbag from Nappy Go Lucky has been hanging on the corner of my changing station and is currently being put through its paces. I’m really impressed with it so far!
There’s not one whiff of a dirty nappy – not a single sniff, which is great! I love my nappy pails but if you don’t put the lid on properly you can get a little pong every now and then. The only thing that I’m having to remember is to unzip the bag before I change Monkey as that seems to work better for me. It’s meant to hold fifteen dirty nappies and we’re on 8 at the moment, with bags of room to spare – so its looking good!
The next test will come when I wash the bag with the nappies – it looks as if it’ll be fast drying, which’ll be handy! I’m sorely tempted to swap over to bags now!



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