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Designer Bums – custom nappies

on January 20, 2012


You can quite happily cloth bum your baby on a budget, using simple (or even bright and colourful) terries or prefolds with wraps. You could go the next step and get pre-made nappies, such as the branded ones (like Bum Genius, Itti Bitti, Little Lambs, Fuzzibunz, Rumperooz, and so on), but for some fluffy mummies and daddies – there’s the next step.


Custom nappies are bespoke items that are made just for you. You can choose the fabric, the style, add ruffles, add embroidery, choose the type of fastening, etc, etc. The possibilities are pretty much endless and there are many, very talented, people out there making a good living from creating pieces of fluffy art.

But – why would you bother? Having a pretty/funky nappy that you can buy in the online shops (and some real ones) for, say, about £12-15 is a bit of a jump from getting one made for you for about £20-35 pounds. And then there’s the very dangerous, slippery slope of Etsy and Hyenacart, or looking at American and Australian websites. You can order a whole load of nappies that you just wouldn’t get easily in England, which makes your nappy really stand out. If it gets seen! The problem is that most of these nappies will only ever be viewed if you let your little one toddle/crawl around with no trousers or skirts on, or if you got some special WAHM clothes that allow little girlies to show off their fluffy bums.

Custom nappies are beautiful, there’s no doubting that. I have a few, albeit bought preloved, and they really are gorgeous. I love the fact that my nappies aren’t one of a huge run of the same design, but I haven’t gone that step further yet and ordered a bespoke one for Monkey. Why? Well, partly because I can’t really justify the expense right now, but mainly because I won’t be able to sell on if I have his name put on his nappies! I’m toying with the idea of getting him one for his first birthday that can go into a memory box, but I can’t understand the logic of having his name emblazoned over lots as I won’t get my money back. I could, however, get a gorgeous custom designed that didn’t have his moniker all over it that would then open up a larger preloved market in the future. I’ve seen some beautiful creations online, with funky monster embroidery, Cheshire Cat grins, or stunning Alice in Wonderland scenes. The possibilities are endless – they can even digitilise an image for you as long as you gain permission (if it’s a copyrighted image).

The bottom line is, customs are the boutique, designer end of nappies. There will always be a market for them, in the same way that people get suits made for them, buy gorgeous handmade items or have wedding dresses made to fit. I can completely understand the desire to dress a gorgeous baby in a special nappy that’s just for them – after all, the little baba is bespoke, is a one-off, is totally individual – so why not their fluff as well!

Below is are the gorgeous Lily-Mai, sporting a Weenotions BTP nappy (Goodbye disposables, hello cloth) and little Pumpkin, wearing a gorgeous Peach Pear Plum nappy. Aren’t they cute! Many thanks to their mummies for these pics!




3 responses to “Designer Bums – custom nappies

  1. I could never wrap my brain around the notion of spending a fortune on something my kid was just going to poop in.

  2. Kt says:

    We just ordered out first custom, a football nappy of my husbands favourite team, it’s a great way to get your other half involved!

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