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Quick weekend catchup!

on January 21, 2012


The weekend has snuck up on me really quickly and I’m not at all prepared. What with a two year olds party to attend, getting my hair done and actually having an evening out, I’m feeling frazzled already! We’re currently having a little break as Monkey has fallen asleep on me. I love my cuddles!

Nice to know, then, that my nappies are drying nicely on the airer, my new wetbag is ready to use again without any of that rinsing and cleaning that you have to do nappy pails and that my hubby is preparing himself, mentally, for looking after the little Monster at night! Should be a great day.

So, I’ve made a decision. I’m not going to blog today! I’m giving myself the rest of today off. Yay! But… Tomorrow is a different story.

Tomorrow is the day that I do my big reveal. The day that you all want to be checking out the blog! So, remember! Write it in your diary, put it into your events calendar on your phone (give me a nice little alert tone), stick a note on the fridge and don’t forget!!!


One response to “Quick weekend catchup!

  1. Hayley says:

    Very intrigued about tomorrow… watching closely on Green Fluffy Bottoms also… (and have set alert on my events calendar 😉 )

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