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It’s GIVEWAY time!!!

on January 22, 2012


Well, I just can’t keep it to myself any longer. I’ve been getting quite excited, and – I admit – a little nervous about this announcement. Silly, isn’t it – me, getting nervous. But this is a totally new thing for me and I have no idea what kind of responses I’ll get. Will I get any? Will it go mad? Will I be able to cope! Ok, that’s a tad dramatic, but…..drumroll time…..


Are you sure?

You may want to be sitting down for this!

Ok…here goes….


That’s right, you read it correctly! I’ve got a little giveaway for one of you lucky, lucky people. The wonderful, lovely Sarah at Nappy Go Lucky me with an offer. She has one fantastic Rumparooz Wetbags to give away, along with free postage and packaging to a UK address (the p&p will be refunded to you via Paypal). The lucky winner will be given a code that can be redeemed for 90 days against instock and preordered wetbags.

I love my Rumparooz wetbag – it’s brilliant. It held three days worth of cloth, washed like a dream and dried overnight. Really impressed – so much so that I’m getting another after payday! Love them!

The giveaway opens, NOW, and closes on Wednesday 25th January at 5pm. Any entries put in after this time will not be put into the draw.

All you have to do is comment on this post and answer the following question, being as creative as possible (I like to be surprised, in a good – clean way!)


If you share the giveaway via Twitter, using #gumballdaisy then you will get an extra entry and if you share it via Facebook and put a comment on my Facebook page, then you’ll also get another entry.

Best of luck, everyone! I love a giveaway, don’t you!

Terms and conditions:
The winner will be decided by daisytheclothbummum and is final.
The winner will be notified, and announced, as soon as possible after the giveaway closes (I’ve got a 5 month old baby, so I can’t be completely specific!)
A shortlist of ten names will be drawn up by daisytheclothbummum and put into a hat (well, probably a tupperware box, but you get the idea!)
Then, my gorgeous little lad will have fun picking one name out! I’ll put up some pictures so you can see the mini judge in action!
The code is redeemable for 90 days after it has been given out.
If the winner has any problems with the wetbag, he/she must contact Nappy Go Lucky.

daisytheclothbummum is not being paid by either Nappy Go Lucky or Rumparooz and gives her time freely to run this giveaway.



61 responses to “It’s GIVEWAY time!!!

  1. Chery Halliwell says:

    I’d use it for wet/ dirty nappies and soiled face cloths (we get a lot of those!) and my son is training (expecting a baby too so dual purpose) so his wet undies :-/ and night nappies lol. Although with all my kids around I’m bound to find the odd piece of chocolate in it :-p lol I’d love to win this 🙂

  2. hiding all my chocolate away from little hands carefully disguised as dirty nappies…

  3. Kathryn Inchley says:

    I would add it to my basket of bits im collecting for my cousin and add a few new nappys into it too. But then again if i like it too much i would keep it for my elf and use it as a laundry bag for my girls clothes

  4. Lucy Hague says:

    I could use it to keep my knitting hidden away from little mischievous 8-month-old fingers that like to steal it, pull the needles out and chew on them!
    Alternatively, it looks like a fabulous wetbag and I could use one of those for all the dirty nappies!

  5. Catherine Nuttall says:

    What would I use a huge wetbag for? Other than storing nappies (obviously!), there is a never ending list…a washing bag for my LO’s dirty clothes, a handy shopping bag when out and about (being Eco-conscious and refusing plastic carriers in shops!), a toy tidy for LO’s toys, a hidey place for my ‘me’ treats (chocolate, sweeties) that I don’t want DH finding and eating, a rain hat when I’ve forgotten my brolly or a bin for all the detritus that seems to collect in my car…plus a hundred other uses that my sleep deprived brain is struggling to think of right now.
    How did we ever manage before we knew wetbags existed??

  6. penny heseltine says:

    oooooo the list is endless 🙂 but i think it would mainly be used to hide any new nappies from my husband, so i can produce said nappy at a suitable time and say “oh this old thing, ive had it for ages” (come on, weve all done it) hahahaha!

  7. Alexandra Dowman says:

    Uses for a rumoerooz wet bag- well, to begin with it would be an excellent way to store all my new fluff so that my poor, unsuspecting OH assumes it is full of dirty nappies and I escape being made to take the “no more nappy shopping” oath!
    Although I also think if put on its side in a quiet corner somewhere it might provide the purrrrfect hiding place and shelter for my two frazzled cats to escape a now on the move baby and his ever curious furr grabbing mitts!

  8. katharine says:

    im due a little girl in a few weeks, i would use if for all the beautiful fluff iv got her once she’s worn them ready for the wash 🙂

  9. Gail Barnes says:

    It would be the perfect place to store all my purchases that I don’t want my darling husband to know about… new fluff, shoes, handbags, make up. He’ll never look there, and once they’re being used and he comments on them I’ll say ‘oh, this old thing. I’ve had it forever!’

  10. Samantha McNicholas says:

    I’d most probably end up using it as a laptop cover if not in use with nappies, or for storing the bath toys in while they’re still Reg cause bathroom shelves full of everything lol x

  11. helen webber says:

    having just started using cloth and LOVE it 🙂 i wish i had done it with my first, i would use it to keep my nappies in instead of my blue food waste bin lol and when im out and about instead of a carrier bag ( can you tell in new to it all lol) he he he

  12. Shirley Kay says:

    oh a good one would bed to hidde the other halfs ps3 in padded out with nappies or inserts, lol see how long it takes for him to find it

  13. Liz bishop says:

    Wat a fantastic giveaway!!!
    My answer to question, I could use the wet bag to store vegetable in such as potatoes, or use to store kids teddies or even their dirty laundry.

  14. Oooh I could use a Rumperooz wetbag for putting all my make up and hair goodies in to stop my 4 year old princess getting her hands on them! bless her she loves my make up but she wouldn’t even think that they were in a wet bag!

  15. clare booth says:

    Aside from nappies it would be a great place to hide gin (kidding!). a wet bag is a great place to store LO’s art materials: paints, crayons, stickers etc. No mess if the paints leak.

  16. have shared the give away link on fb via Nappy Go Lucky’s post….

    My 6 year old says he could use a wet bag to take his picnic out in as it wouldn’t matter if his drink spilt inside it!

  17. Michelle says:

    I could use it to store clean dry new nappies in! As everytime OH seeing a new nappy on the shelf I get *that look* but this way I could still order lots of new fluff and hide it from him! Bit norty I guess – but an addict has to find ways around OHs! xx

  18. charminbear says:

    I would use it as a travel nappy bin, Off to devon for 5 days over easter, our first cloth bum holiday & taking a mini (proper old school mini) so space will be at a premium & this would squish nicely under one of the seats.
    Back at home I would use it for storing fluff as there is not enought space on the changing unit for it all 🙂

  19. Vicky says:

    Toy storage – DS loves to carry toys around the house & one of these would be great for gathering them all up into.

  20. Would use this as a holiday nappy bin, going away for 5 days over easter, our first holiday in cloth, and one of these will squish nicely under the seats in the car.

  21. jo beavan matcher says:

    I can’t imagine having a baby & not owning a wetbag! How did I manage without one? I use them for swimming, food shopping especially fridge & freezer stuff, clothes shopping on a rainy day, dirty clothes when we stay over with family, and the list goes on. But I think what I’m looking forward to most in a strange kind of way, is the day that it no longer has a use inside the house ie. when it finally gives up the ghost & we can put it outside, fill it with soil & grow some potatoes in it until it naturally degrades (apparently after about 4 years) returning to the ground from where it once came 🙂

  22. Hayley says:

    I could give this to my 13 month old full of goodies for him to empty out, and put back in, and empty out, and put back in and… you get the idea. And the zip is an added bonus for practicing his fine motor skills!

  23. Nev says:

    Nice giveaway 🙂

    I’d use a wetbag to store nappies. That might be boring but I can’t think of any other uses for it in my house. :s


  24. Nev says:

    Shared on FB (Dani Stockwell) and tagged you in it


  25. Lou says:

    SWIMMING BAG!! Would also use for nappies. Would be a fabulous addition to my wet bag collection!

  26. Marla Fuchs says:

    dirty bibs and wipes!

  27. I would use it for the ever increasing nappy stash I seem to have round the house… Also plan to take a zipped wet bag on our camping trips this summer so I can continue to use cloth whilst away 🙂

    Shared on Twitter @jenniferlkelly


  28. Toni says:

    Apart from carting the little one around? ha no i’m joking 😉
    Bath toy storage. Hopefully OH will be able to see that huge bag in the bathroom and actually put some bath toys away. Is that too hopefully? Well I can try atleast!!! x

  29. Hayley says:

    Obviously I would use it as a storage for wet soiled nappys but another good use would be a place to store bath toys in the bathroom 🙂

  30. Jenny Bray says:

    Hiding my chocolate and cakes in as hubby hates cloth so leaves nappies for me to store until I have to wash them all. This way I’d know where they were and he wouldn’t be able to get to them first and scoff them all 🙂

  31. Jess Coombs says:

    I’d obviously use it for Ellie’s dirty nappies 🙂 I could also use it to hide the remote so OH can’t put the football on…he will never even think to look in there..mwahah!!

  32. Hayley says:

    Have shared on my Facebook (Hayley Carter) and commented on your page 🙂

  33. OOOh… I like this one!!! I would use a wet bag for all the sand pit toys from the garden, hung in my shed and also one for all the beech toys, so the sand does not end up all over my car! Oohhh, and another smaller one for the suntan lotion that always seems to leak over everything you really don’t want it too!…like my camera! 😦 xxx

  34. As well as a wet nappy bag, I’d use it for storing the 50 million baby blankets we seem to have acquired! Seriously, are they multiplying?

  35. Mel says:

    Could I hide Finn in it whilst I sneak a biscuit, this boy is always stealing food off me! Seriously I would use it as a swim bag, we do swimming lessons each week and my bag is always super soggy! Shared on twitter and on my blog – x

  36. Jenny says:

    Ooh I would use it for my upcoming long haul plane journey in a few weeks! I could hook it to my rucksack to show it off to it’s full potential then fill it with all sorts of goodies and clothes and crafty stuff for the kids until it inevitably needs to be used for the dirty nappies! Boo 😉

  37. chantelle hazelden says:

    I am due a new baby in july so i can start using it for lovely newborn fluff xx

  38. Leonie Lucas says:

    I would use it to hold my dirty nappies in mostly. However, it does look big enough to help hide the bodies when people pee me off! (lol)

  39. Rebecca Robinson says:

    i could use it for transporting my wet washing! and would also be handy for rainy days when kids clothes get soaked somewhere to put them before wash them.

  40. Dawn Myers says:

    So many ideas on what to keep in the Rumparooz wet bag, I think in my house it would be brilliant for the many bath toys we have!

  41. Kt hay says:

    Weelll, been thinking about what we would use such a massooive wetbag for, and have come up with a bit of a list for the many jobs it could do…
    Sunday- take the whole family swimming with just one bag 🙂
    Monday) drag the mountain ( otherwise known as Ben towel) of wet towels down stairs from bathroom to washing machine without soaking floors on the way
    Tuesday- store dh’s soggy wet survival suit till Ben towel has been defeated
    Wednesday- put in back of car so giant German Shepard can sit in it on the way home from walk on beach, no more wet car!
    Thursday – send to school with dd as sports bag, it should hold swimming kit, pe kit, trampoling kit, towels, trainers, and a spare change of clothes
    Friday- small trip to the ponies to carry hay through the rain from store to stable without getting wet or blowing away
    Saturday- I think the bag needs a day off!

  42. Rachel Moutrie says:

    I’d use it to store my girly’s lovely nappies full of broccolli bits, sweetcorn kernals and plump rasins :o/ weaning is fun but its hard on the nose and the nappy. A lovely zippered wet bag would be a great help and look fab in her little girly bedroom

  43. Caolansmumyay says:

    What to do with a Rumparooz wetbag?
    I would use it for storing dirty nappies – boring maybe, but at present I’m putting them straight into the washing machine and washing when it fills up. great idea? No. It seriously limits the time available for washing any of my huge (and growing) laundry mountain. A wetbag would definitely fit in my overflowing home more easily than a second washing machine…..

  44. claire lewis says:

    Hide all the custom nappies have bought from my oh!!!

  45. Caro says:

    Oh! I was literally just about to spend my birthday money on the spotty Rumparooz wetbag. It matches the spotty curtains in my son’s bedroom. I’m seriously in need of wetbags as I only have one small one, and our cheapy nappy bucket isn’t big enough. So in answer to the question, I’d use it as a stylish storage solution for soiled super nappies!

  46. Tanya A says:

    I would love to win this, it looks fab! Def would use it for dirty nappy’s till wash day as currently were using a large wetbag but somehow doesn’t seem big enough still lol, I love all of the fancy wetbags there gorgeous, almost as adictive as the nappy’s are! lol xxx

  47. Susan Clark says:

    My idea is not particularly creative, all i would do with one of these lovely wetbags is store nappies in it!!!! I just said the other day that I’d like one of these now as we’re sadly out of teeny little newborn nappies now and so need a larger store for our nappies 🙂

  48. Vivienne Kuh says:

    I could use it as:

    A travel washing basket for camping
    A portable ice-bin for beer at beach barbecues (alliterationalicious!)
    A hidey-hole for a cat
    A den for a small child
    A peek-a-boo prop
    A trug for weeding the garden
    A robot/Oscar the Grouch costume for Halloween (sprayed silver with armholes cut out of course!)
    But I would probably most likely use it for a much needed replacement for my too small nappy bucket (obviously)

  49. Right now, I think I’d plop the wet bag right in front of our tv/dvd player and use it to distract my daughter from attempting to break the only expensive items we keep in the living room.

  50. I would hide all my chocolate and other nice things that are bad for you to eat in it so my OH doesn’t find out how much junk food i really have!
    It looks like a great wetbag and I could use one of those for all the dirty nappies, as my bucket is tiny! i’m having to wash nearly every day just coz i have no where to put any more dirty nappies when my bucket is full

  51. Sarah Mollins says:

    Soo many uses!!
    For dirty nappies obviously, travel nappy pail on holidays, swimming bag for all our wet stuff (no more wet backpacks!), hiding place for all the new and custom fluff I’ve not told OH I’ve ordered!, hiding place for my special me snacks, in the bathroom as a tidy caddy for LO’s multitude of bath toys he got for christmas, a perfect tidy away place for all my fabric and supplies I have bought ready to become a sewing godess……especially seeing as OH keeps rolling his eyes at each new peice of fabric, pattern etc. I buy despite not really knowing how to use my new sewing machine!! x

  52. I would hide the remote controls for the tv from my 8 month old baby boy and all my chocolate goodies from my 5 year old princess!! Don’t they know mummy is boss??? lol x

  53. Tracy Kell says:

    They are fab! I’d use one round the house for storing bath toys – they’d keep the drips in the bag and I wouldnt do myself an injury standing on boats, ducks, balls, bath Thomas the tanks, bath diggers – oh the list goes on…..!

  54. Katie says:

    I would use this wet bag in our family bathroom! I have a 5 year old and a 7 month old and remembering to take the nappy down 2 flights of stairs at a very stressful bath time never works, I will use it to try and teach my son to help with his baby sister as we sometimes get bouts of jealousy and to give him his own specific job/wet bag would be awesome!! It would make life so much easier for me!!!! I may also use it to venture into the realms of pocket money :o/ x

  55. Sinead says:

    As well as a nappy bag, laundry bag and general tidy up all the bits that you don’t want anyone to see bag. I think my daughter would love this as a toy tidy for her bedroom as it would match her pretty spots and stickers in her room.

    Failing that as my suitcase is broken I could put my clothes in there for a weekend away 🙂

  56. tasha bozkurt says:

    oooo i would def use it for wen we go swimming for the first time with lo and his big bro to store all the wet swimming stuff in xxx

  57. Kay says:

    For storing my babys toys so that my house rabbit doesnt pinch them! She loves baby toys and thinks everything in her living room belongs to her including my baby!

  58. Lisa says:

    I would use my Rumparooz wetbag to replace my stinky nappy bin, and then when little miss had potty trained, I would probably use it to keep little fingers from all of my sewing and knitting bits.

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