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And the winner of our Rumparooz giveaway is…

on January 26, 2012

Here it is,
THE moment that you’ve all been waiting for.
Now, I know that you’ve been up all night, pacing the corridors of your house, restlessly waiting in eager anticipation to see whether you, yes – YOU, are the winner of the, quite frankly, astounding prize of a Rumparooz wetbag from the lovely Sarah at Nappy Go Lucky

Whilst you’re sat there, rubbing your bleary eyes, let me first of all reassure you that, yes, I (the host of this wonderful giveaway) got a very good night’s sleep, and that – more importantly, THE DRAW HAS BEEN DONE. Little Master Clothbum got all excited yesterday evening when we asked him (well, plonked him down in front of a hat full of exciting, papery things) to perform his important role.

We first of all drew up a shortlist of ten people. Gosh, that was hard! There were so many cool, funny (and some quite frankly rather odd!) suggestions and I had a right giggle reading through them all. Lots of you suggested hiding chocolate or new nappies (I’d do that myself, if I’m being honest!) whilst someone even suggest hiding bodies when people annoyed her… Moving swiftly on, a list was drawn up of the most unusual, ones that tickled me or ones that were just slightly obscure. Here’s the final ten. Well done for getting that far. You win… a nice round of applause, done in a circle!


Then, in came Master Clothbum. He stared, he got excited and he covered the entries in rather a lot of drool. It took a few swipes with his chubby little fists before he got hold of one of the folded pieces of paper. A big grin covered his little face – and then he got very VERY excitable and started waving it about everywhere. We couldn’t actually get it off him!




Once he’d settled down, I prised the rather crumpled piece of paper from out of his clenched, sticky fist and opened it up…


WELL DONE TO SINEAD! (apologies for the pic being upside down!) You’re the lucky winner of a Rumparooz wetbag from Nappy Go Lucky! You’ll be contacted shortly with your winning code that you can redeem against a free wetbag of your choice (from instock items) and free p&p to a UK address.

Thank you so much, again, to everyone that took part. You’ve really made my first giveaway an awful lot of fun. I’ve been working very hard in the background and I hope to bring you more giveaways soon. Please keep reading and enjoying the blog. I thoroughly enjoy writing it and your lovely comments make it all the better!


One response to “And the winner of our Rumparooz giveaway is…

  1. sarah says:

    Well done Sinead šŸ™‚

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