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Teething troubles

on January 27, 2012

Monster is dribbling. Lots. Everywhere. His clothing is soaked within mere seconds of it touching his skin, under his mouth is becoming red where the stuff is pouring out of his mouth and every toy he touches is soaked – quite icky when it’s a teddy!

Teeth are on their way! Who knows how long it’ll take – his second cousin (who’s only a few weeks older than him) got her first tooth quite a while back – so it could be any day now. So it’s got me thinking about how to approach teething with him.

We obviously have all the teething toys. After Christmas we suddenly had loads of them and he loves gumming them and banging them around. There’s the ones you can put in the fridge to sooth those aching little gums, there’s those that have knobbly bits, twisty bits, textured bits, smooth bits – everything that you could possibly think of. They’re doing a good job in keeping him occupied, but I have a funny feeling that he’s going to need more.

So, we have trusty old teething gels. Bonjela, that kind of stuff. The only thing is – I can see me having a battle when I’m trying to rub it on his gums. We had a go the other day. The tongue came out, it went fat to block entrance to his mouth completely and lots and lots of raspberries were blown. It was very amusing for him and utterly frustrating for me! No ounce of persuasion, of smiles, of distraction would work! The thought crossed my mind that there could be a more natural approach.

People have been talking to me about teething granules/powders and those sound like a much better plan. I did, at one point, have some Ashton and Parsons Teething powders but those are now like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They just don’t exist at the moment. No one seems to know why, but I’ve heard tales of people cutting the powders with drugs, of the factory being set on fire during the riots in London. Whatever’s going on – the mums of Britain are desperately scrabbling around trying to get hold of this stuff. It’s incredible how much it’s going for on eBay! There are alternatives, such as Nelson’s Teetha and Boots do their own as well, but when I started looking into these more closely I realised something that affects us quite greatly. They all have lactose bases. GRRRRRRRR! So, the teething powders that apparently have magical qualities and work wonders on grizzly little monsters will make my little lactose-intolerant monkey sick. Oh. Just perfect.

So, back to the drawing board. The active ingredient in these teething powders turns out to be Matricaria chamomilla. Once I looked into this in more detail I found out that you can hold of this in a granular form as a homeopathic remedy, and – apparently – some doctors even give homeopathic treatments on prescription. I plan on going to my doctors to find out whether they do this! If not, then Weleda do teething granules that are a sucrose base – so no lactose to worry about. But I’m not too keen on him getting used to such a sweet taste, along with the fact that I’d be giving him sugars, so I’m not sure about this. I do, however, quite like the fact it’s more natural.


2 responses to “Teething troubles

  1. Max says:

    Do not under any circumstances give him a sucrose based teething gel, that is a professional opinion. You will give him caries.

  2. Thought so. Looked at matricaria chamomilia granules instead and found some with no sucrose base. It’s incredibly frustrating that lactose appears to be the main carrier! On a separate note, thanks for reading!!! 😉

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