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The sweetest thing… Newborn nappies

on January 30, 2012


Firstly, before I begin – can I apologise for the lack of photos at the moment. I’ve been having fun with the uploading tool on the iPad, but hope to get it sorted out very soon. I think one photo has managed to upload today, but the rest just aren’t playing ball, for some very annoying reason.
I’d love to throw the computer out of the window but, well, then I break my lovely iPad, so that’s obviously not going to work!!!

So, back to today’s topic – teeny, tiny, utterly adorable, newborn nappies!

Now that I have a rather large five month old monster, I have suddenly found myself cooing uncontrollably at teeny, tiny little babies and everything about them. It’s more than likely because now I’m out of those first few months where, as a new parent, everything is wonderful yet confusing, tiring yet exhilarating and, if I’m honest, a little bit of a daze due to a baby that had quite bad colic and reflux. I miss having a teeny one. He can hold his head up now, is trying to push himself up into a sitting position and seems so much more grown up! I know he’s not, but, whenever I see a newborn it reminds me of just how little he was and I go all gooey inside.

The same can be said when I see newborn fluff. Newborn nappies are the dinkiest, cutest little things that you can get hold of. I packed all mine away (sniff…) into boxes for any other baba that we manage to create but I just can’t resist getting them out to have a look at every now and then. They really are tiny! This stash of cute cloth was wonderful for the first few months and I can’t wait to use them again.

With newborns, you can use a range of nappies. Muslin cloths, believe it or not, make wonderful first nappies. They are incredibly absorbent and you can fold them a bit like terries, use a nappy nippa to secure them and then put a newborn wrap over the top. They work very well and dry really quickly, so you can a fast turnaround with washing. Newborn wraps often have a little dip cut out of them in the middle. This is so that they don’t rub on the umbilical cord stump – something which is rather important. I used muslins a bit at first and covered them with Mothercare Smart Nappy covers (these are apparently being discontinued, which is a real shame).

I used a range of tiny little AIO (all-in-one) nappies with my Monkey at first. I decided to do this as they would be really easy to whip on and off when we were half asleep, and we wouldn’t have to remember to put on wraps. I stocked up on some extra small (xs) Bum Genius nappies, some Lil Joeys (by Rumparooz) and some Tots Bots Teenyfits. They were all superb nappies – very absorbent, very cute and really easy to use. My personal favourites were the Lil Joeys. They have a little snap-down front that stops them rubbing on the umbilical cord stump, which can be unsnapped once the stump has fallen off.
There are many other newborn nappy brands that you can buy and they are all incredibly cute. I just stuck to a few, but I have seen posts from mums on cloth nappy forums talking about newborn cloth and mentioning many others.

The only problem that I had was that my little man wasn’t so little when he was born. That meant that most of these tiny nappies didn’t last too long and he soon moved into the next group of nappies that I’d got for him. These included Little Lamb size ones (fitteds with wraps), Diddy Diapers by Nature Babies (same idea as Little Lambs), a gorgeous Rosie Boo ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ nappy (a pocket nappy) and various BTP pocket nappies done on the smallest settings. I wanted to get a few small Itti Bitti nappies, but just didn’t get round to it.

Whilst it was annoying that we didn’t get much use out of the tiny newborn nappies, I’m glad we had them. I tried a Little Lamb size one on him when he was first born and it was just a little too big. Newborn nappies do have their place but I’d advise against buying too many of them. You could end up with a rather large baby who’d get no use out of them at all as most size 1/ BTP nappies fit from about 8lbs.


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