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Amazing Amber & Hazelwood

on January 31, 2012


So, powders and granules aside, I’ve not been too sure what to do for my little one. The dribbling is getting rather excessive now, vast rivers of goo are descending from him at quite an alarming rate and everything within grabbing reach is getting gummed and left covered in an icky film!

They’re definitely on their way, those little teeth. More natural methods are going to avoid the problem of lactose carrier bases, so I decided to look more closely at teething necklaces and anklets.

Amber teething products are something that I heard about a while ago. You put either a necklace or an anklet made from Baltic Amber on your little one and it is said to help with their teething aches and pains.

I initially couldn’t understand how a piece of jewellery could make the slightest bit of difference, but then I did some research.

As a fossilised resin, Amber contains succinic acid. This is a naturally-occurring analgesic that apparently helps to boost the immune system, calms the wearer, helps to reduce inflammation and is well-known for it’s therapeutic qualities.

If you buy from a good, reputable company, then the jewellery should be sturdily made, with good solid knots between each bead – which makes it safe for babies. They aren’t designed to be chewed, just worn, and (if it’s a necklace) need to be short enough that a baby can’t get it over its chin and chew. A good quality necklace should last for a very long time and shouldn’t have to be replaced.

The other type of teething jewellery that you can get are Hazelwood ones. The hazelwood absorbs excess acid from the body, apparently, and is said to help with teething, reflux and skin conditions, to name a few. Again, buying from a good company is very important as you need to make sure that the quality of the necklace is of a high standard. My husband’s cousin has used these necklaces for two of her children and she swears by them. The only thing that puts me off these is the fact that they have to be replaced as the wood darkens (they recommend every 3 months, or so). However, they are meant to be excellent.

I’ve actually taken the plunge and Monkey is sporting an amber teething anklet and necklace from Dino Daisy which is beautifully made with strong knots between each bead and a clasp that will break away if put under force, which is very reassuring. Obviously, he won’t wear them unless he’s supervised but I’m very impressed with the attention to detail that’s gone into it. The necklace fits nicely under his neck, isn’t long enough for him to chew (which is really important) and has three different shades of amber, whereas my anklet is in just one shade.

Since he’s had them on, I’ve noticed that he’s whinging less and not gumming everything frantically, which is a great start. The amber gets beautifully warm against his skin and it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. I use natural products myself, so I think it’s worth trying for my little one. So many people on various parenting forums swear by Baltic Amber so there’s obviously something to it! Monkey does seem calmer and that’s fantastic! It’ll be interesting to see how easily those little toothy-pegs pop through, so I’ll keep you informed!

There are lots of different websites on the net that you can get these products from, but the names that I kept seeing appearing again and again on different parenting forums were Dino Daisy, Amber Pumpkin www.amberpumpkin.comand Tearless Teething I’ve heard great things about all of them, which is nice to know!

Apologies again for photos. iPad resolution isn’t as good as I’d like and I want to get some better shots of these, as they are really pretty. But at least you get the idea!



One response to “Amazing Amber & Hazelwood

  1. Piper's Run says:

    We used the Hazelwood necklace on our daughter. We would put it on her foot with a sock on at night. I wasn’t keen on her having it around her neck at night. I seemed to work okay.

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