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Girly gorgeousness!

on February 2, 2012


So, a while back I started writing about girly nappies. Then all the madness and fun of the Rumperooz wetbag giveaway from Nappy Go Lucky took over and, well if I’m brutally honest, I got sidetracked. But I’m back on track now and…yes….girly nappies!

To be brutally honest, I don’t know that much about them! But before you go running off, there is one key difference between nappies for girls and boys, apart from how you have to boost them for dealing with wetness (boost little girls more towards the back and little boys more at the front). Girly nappies can be amazingly cute, very pretty and even have ruffles on them!


Yup, you read that correctly! Rufflebum nappies, or Tutu nappies are absolutely gorgeous nappies that basically double up as a form of outerwear. These tend to be custom nappies that you can get made for your little princess and have layers of ruffles on them (mostly on the back) or can have layers of netting attached to make them look like Tutus. Sometimes these additions can popper on and off (more with the Tutu nappies) so that you have the option to add fluff and frills, or not.



I can really see the appeal of these – they are great to look at, beautifully-made and what little girl wouldn’t want to have one? I know if I had a daughter, there would definitely be a few in our nappy stash. The only downside that I can see with them is that they don’t really fit under clothes, but that’s not really the point of them! They are to toddle/crawl/lie around the house in, uncovered – there to be seen and to be shown off!

Skirties are another invention for little girls. These are nappies that have a skirt section either sewn or poppered onto them. The nice thing about these is that you can have both the nappy and the skirt nicely coordinated, but the downside would obviously be that if one needs changing – then they both do. Not exactly practical, but rather lovely to look at!

There do seem to a be a lot of nice, printed, ready-made nappies for little girls – although there is also a wide, wide range of gender neutral and boyish ones too. I have had to stop myself, on several occasions, from buying a nappy because I suddenly realised that it might be a little bit too girly for my Monkey (although he does own a rather cute lilac Itti Bitti – I love purple so I just couldn’t resist!)


Also, as I’ve mentioned in other posts, there is a whole range of WAHM clothes that go with nappies and dresses that cross over at the back, or skirts that have a section that is higher at the back, show off beautiful nappies really well. That’s where the appeal of pretty nappies really comes in if you have a little girl. Unless you let your little lad wander around in just his nappy and a pair of babylegs (which many of us do!) then little boys tend to have their nappies hidden away under layers of clothes. All a cute little princess has to do is lean over and, ooooh, pretty nappy on show!


Thank god I don’t have a daughter! It’d cost me a fortune 🙂



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