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Organic Toys

on February 4, 2012


I’m really excited to be sharing this information with you – it just shows that daisytheclothbummum is really getting out there and that there are some fantastic people around in this world that have beautiful, organic and natural products for our little ones!

If you head on over to The Organic Toy Company the lovely people there are offering readers of daisytheclothbummum a 10% discount on your orders! All you have to do is put in the discount code Daisy10 before checking out and you’ll save yourself some money!

The website has some wonderful, natural products, including organic skincare, toys and some books. Here’s some information on organic toys from the website:

There are three main benefits of opting for organic toys:

Organic toys are made using fabrics which have not had pesticides or toxic substances used in their production. You have increased peace of mind in terms of these natural toys’ purity and ultimate suitability for your baby or child, particularly in cases where skin sensitivities or allergies are an issue.

Organic cotton farmers and workers aren’t endangering their health or even risking their lives, as is the case with non-organic cotton, as a direct result of working with potentially fatal chemicals. Similarly, surrounding communities don’t face potentially lethal contaminants polluting the air they breathe, the soil or their water systems.

Non-organic cotton production is extremely harmful to the environment and damaging to fragile eco-systems and wildlife. Quite simply, organically grown cotton isn’t! Organic wool, from organically raised sheep, is kinder to both the sheep and the environment.

I really like the ethos behind this company and I’m so delighted that they’ve offered us this code! Again, as usual, I’m not getting paid a penny for this, so please don’t think I have mountains of organic toys in my house. I don’t – but I’m planning on getting a few!


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