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Pretty and Practical – Gnawable Jewellery!

on February 4, 2012

So, whilst all this teething malarkey is in progress, I’ve started to notice something. Monkey is reaching for anything and everything that I have on. Necklaces are totally a thing of the past, which is such a pain as I have some really nice ones that I just don’t dare wear anymore. He’s surprisingly strong, so I have visions of a really lovely pendant going pinging into the far distance, never to be seen again – or of a beautiful necklace being broken by one, forceful tug.

He’s also pawing a lot more at my clothes. Maybe that’s something to do with him being primarily breastfed – I’m not too sure. But, whatever the reason, I’m finding that the middle of my tops are started to sag from being pulled. Some of them are looking really quite misshapen and tatty and I really can’t afford to start replacing all of these on the pittance that is called maternity pay.

This all started to concern me a little and, being honest, I really was missing wearing a necklace. That’s a part of me that I hadn’t realised that I would have to give up – I love wearing them. I think it’s because I’m a natural born fiddler. I fiddle with anything and everything that I lay my hands on. My husband gets so irate because he finds rolled up bits of paper all over the place and the cats absolutely love them! Whoops! I had to come up with some kind of solution.

After having a good old look through the trusty internet, I came up with a range of answers.
Whilst I could put a teething necklace, such as an amber one, on Monkey, I could have a teething necklace too. One that was actually a teether or one that was designed to give him something to fiddle with. I opted for the teething one that was made out material like a baby teether.

As far as I could see, there were two main types to choose from – Teething Bling (an American-based firm) and Gumigem (a British based one) There are also Mama Jewels, but they looked harder and less chewable.

I had a good look at the Teething Bling and Gumigem necklaces and decided that I prefered the Gumigem disc pendants to anything else. They have a hole in the top of the disc, which – for me – looked much more like an actual necklace pendant that I would usually wear. I looked at all the different ones that they had and chose the Pearl Storm necklace.


This is a little dark so here’s a shot from their main site!

br />20120204-105533.jpg

When it came, I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. It actually looked very pretty, slightly sparkly, but safe for Monster to use. It’s on a really strong, thick cord that has a breakaway clasp – so if he yanks it, it will break free. Fantastic! Ever since I’ve been wearing mine, he’s been fascinated by it and loves to play with it and chew it, leaving my poor tops alone! It’s a bit of a result and I’m very happy with it. Obviously, it’s only something that I wear and I’d never leave him alone with it – but it does the job perfectly.

Since getting my Gumigem, I decided that I wanted to let the lady who made them know how pleased I was with it and that I was going to blog about it. She’s so lovely! Her name is Jenny and I’ve been happily swapping emails with her ever since. Jenny has actually decided to let us have one of her lovely Gumigems to GIVEAWAY, so in a week or so I’ll be letting you know more about that. I hasten to add, at this point, that the giveaway (etc) has got nothing to do with this blog post and that she isn’t holding me at gunpoint to make me write lovely things about her product. I really, really like it and, no, she hasn’t given me any for free! I keep staring at the one I have at home and wondering if I can keep it… It’s a beautiful Flash Gordon disc and I know that one of you lovely people will really like it!


But, you’ll have to wait… as I have another giveaway starting tomorrow!
Yes, tomorrow! Be sure to come and check the blog to find out more!

I’m sure that the Teething Bling necklaces are just as great and that, if I’d gone and got one of those, that I’d be doing a post about that one. But, I went down the Gumigem route and now – well, I’m hooked and I want more! I think I might just have to have a few (you know, so that they match different outfits, and all that….)

Anyway, so that necklace happily helps me deal with the chewing and pulling stage, which I’m really pleased about. The other necklaces that I looked at were ones that were like fiddle beads. Annoyingly, I can’t find the link to the one that I really liked, but it had beads on it that could be turned like a child’s toy, which made a lot of sense to me. I’ll be having a good old look for it – if I find it again, I’ll update this post and let you know!

Just been informed by the lovely Jess that these necklaces are Monkey Mama necklaces and you can also get these at Dino Daisy. I must have looked at them and then, in my sleep deprived state, forgotten! Whoops!

In other news, Nappy go Lucky just started stocking Gumigems, so you can buy directly from them, or the main Gumigems website If you want to see them, in the flesh, then look on Facebook for your local Gumigem Gemette. These are lovely ladies who represent Gumigem in your local area. I’m going to be very honest and open here, and say that I’m starting to do this for the North Essex area, but that I’m still not being paid for my opinions in this post! I though that I’d see whether local mummies wanted them, based on the fact that I like them so much. It’s very early days and I’ve not started selling locally yet, so we’ll see how it goes!

Anyway – if you do want one – just head on over to any of those places and have a look, or have a nosy at the other designs out there. I’m sure you’ll find a brand and make that’ll suit what you need!


2 responses to “Pretty and Practical – Gnawable Jewellery!

  1. Jess says:

    The twiddly necklaces you’re talking about are Monkey Mama necklaces:

    And I know what you mean about your shirts getting stretched. I still haven’t lost the baby weight so I only have so many shirts that fit and they’re all getting stretched out necklines!

  2. Right under my nose at Dino Daisy! Shows how sleep deprived I am!! They really do look fab! All my tips are getting really baggy and it’s so annoying! I’m going to try putting a few stitches in them somehow and disguise with buttons, or something! My baby weight is still there too – well, actually, I have put on weight since having him as I was sick throughout my pregnancy 😦 So I’m really limited on clothes as well. Everyone sees me in the same things, all the time. It’s a bit rubbish but I can’t justify the cost of new tops. Thinking of getting some breastvests – have you seen them? They look like a good solution

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