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I know I talk for a living, but…

on February 7, 2012

So, eeeek! I’m going to veer a little bit off topic and ramble about something personal. I’m all in a jitter and quite excited, but very nervous too. I’ve been getting all passionate and worked up about real nappies for well over a year, now, and since having Monkey, I’ve been emailing people, ringing people and trying to find out why there’s not as much done locally to raise awareness of how you can use cloth.

A few weeks ago, it all came to a head and people started to take more notice of me. I think writing this blog has had a lot to do with it, but also (probably) my annoying, dogged persistence that’s done with a smile! I’ve been talking to some really lovely people in both the local council, people who run Surestart centres and other playgroups/baby classes and people at local schools.

The results of all this hard work is that I’m going to be doing talks at local baby groups, starting from this week, as well as running local Nappuccinos. If you don’t know what a Nappuccino is – it’s a coffee morning, run by a volunteer (who could also be a nappy rep for a company) where you can go along and find out more about using cloth nappies. It’s a chance to actually see the nappies up close, feel them (yes, this IS quite important!) and ask lots of questions (no matter how daft you think they might be). Nappuccinos are a brilliant idea and I only wish that they’d be up and running in my local area when I was starting out.

The bottom line is… I’m actually nervous. Silly, isn’t it! I’m a qualified teacher who talks to large groups of parents on a fairly regular basis, and yet I’m nervous. I’m not really sure why, if I’m honest. I think it’s the fact that I’m sticking my neck out – putting myself out there to talk about something that I’m very passionate about and hoping that –

– I don’t make a fool of myself and fall flat on my face…

– People aren’t aggressive towards me in their questioning (they could be if they think that I am ‘having a go’ at their parenting choices to use disposables, which I’m not!)

– People actually allow me the time to speak (it’s very hard in baby groups – everyone talks and the babies yell/giggle/cry/scream, so it’s tough to be heard at times)

– That just one or two people from each talk show more interest and that, maybe – just maybe, I get some cloth converts. Now, wouldn’t that be nice!

I’m going to spend time thinking long and hard about how to approach my talks. I don’t want to come across as some kind of preachy eco-warrior, because I’m really not! I’m not perfect, I know I do a lot of things that I could improve upon (in an ecological sense) and I use a disposable at night at the moment (though all is changing soon!)

I just thing that people need to be made more aware that cloth IS a good, viable and actually very cheap/easy choice. If more shops stocked cloth nappies, if people could see/touch them, then I reckon more people would probably use them from the start. It’s a lack of education and awareness that utterly infuriates me – fuelled primarily by the fact that cloth companies are often very small ventures that don’t have a lot of capital to push into advertising, whereas disposables are made by enormous corporations who can pump lots of resources into advertising/marketing strategies which include money-off coupons in pre-labour bags given out to mums-to-be.

Ooooh. That turned into a bit of a rant. Whoops! Must make sure I don’t do that in my talks, eh?!! I’m just hoping that people stop, have a think, and maybe even just use one cloth nappy a day. That’d be so cool, wouldn’t it! Just one cloth nappy a day makes an enormous difference and would be a great introduction for someone. Then, maybe, they’d use two…

Who knows!

Wish me luck…

Here’s a cute shot of Monkey looking concerned for me…obviously…not just stopping smiling because a camera is near him (WHY do babies do that, by the way? He has amazing smiles and then the second a camera is out – he just stares!!!)



One response to “I know I talk for a living, but…

  1. Piper's Run says:

    Good luck! Nappuccions sounds like a great idea! Wish we had something like that here!

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