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And the winner of our Dino Daisy giveaway is…

on February 8, 2012

Firstly – can I say a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway! It was really nice to see people getting involved and I really appreciate you taking the time to go to my blog/ Facebook page/ Twitter tags!

I’m consistently amazed and chuffed at just how much this whole thing has taken off and it wouldn’t happen if people didn’t read it! Simple as that. If I didn’t have a readership, people to write for – to help then I’d just become a mad cloth bum mum, sitting amidst my mountain of fluff, rocking backwards and forwards manically and typing incoherent, rambling nonsense.

Ahem…Well, those of you who know me personally may now decide to point out to me which of those things I already do…but I’d like to think I’m not that nuts yet!

I’ve kept you waiting long enough whilst going off on my own little fantasy…
I suppose you want to know who’s won?

Well, I’m not telling so there!

You can tell I’ve not had much sleep as that childish comment just made me crack up laughing, sat alone in my kitchen with just my cats for company (finally asleep baby and not very well hubby means I’m all on my own!) I also know that if you’re viewing this on an iPad that you’ve probably already seen the picture from the Onswipe page, but I can pretend that you haven’t!

Ok – so here we go! What I did, was try to get a random name picker from the web, but as I’m using an iPad, it’s rather tricky to do as they mostly use Flash. Bah, Humbug! So I went to Plan B and found an App that would do the same job.

I ended up with one called “Hat”, which is effectively a tool for teachers (funny, that…) where you can type names into a list, shake your iPad and then it pulls a name out of the hat, with a shower of sparkles and a round of applause.
So, you have to bear that in mind when I show you the screenshot. Imagine the flurry of sparkly loveliness, make yourself believe that you can hear all that cheering….

The winner of the Dino Daisy teething anklet is…


Many congratulations! If you could email me at with your details, I’ll get the anklet posted out to you as soon as possible.

Thank you again to everyone who entered – keep an eye on the blog as I have more giveaways coming up, plus all my usual posts!


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