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NapNap Vouchers – saving up for cloth!

on February 9, 2012


One of the things that I think, personally, keeps some people from using cloth is the initial cost that you have to outlay at the start. It’s obviously not as cheap as buying a pack of disposables, but that’s a short-term view, as you have to KEEP ON buying pack after pack after pack!

If you look back at my post on cost comparisons, cloth usually works out significantly cheaper in the long run and is fantastic value for money if you use your nappies for more than one child, or when you sell them on.

But – yes – outlaying a few hundred pounds to get brand new nappies does seem a huge amount, especially when getting all the other stuff for a new baby is such an expensive job. I could go on at this point about how you can save money by shopping around, getting stuff off eBay and other secondhand sites, or borrowing from friends, but that’s another post for another day.

So – how can you make your cloth more affordable?

I’ve blogged about the preloved options – getting hold of some nappies secondhand is great, as you can try out different types and see what works for you, but there will come a time for most people when you’ll really just want to get your scrumptious little sweetie some lovely, fluffy, beautiful BRAND NEW nappies. You will…I bet ya!

This is where the fantastic concept that is the NapNap Voucher comes in.

The NapNap Voucher was thought up by two lovely ladies called Stephanie and Rebecca as a way in which people could get money together to help fund their nappy stashes. Buying a nappy is a very personal thing – you will like certain styles, prints or fabrics, or certain types will fit your baby better.

With the NapNap Voucher – people can buy them for you and then you can redeem them at a range of online retailers. It’s such a simple, but brilliant idea! I wish I’d known about them when I was pregnant – it would have been a great gift for us! Think of a Book Token for Bums and you get the idea!

The lovely girls at NapNapHQ also have a fab eco parenting blog that’s really worth a read and their own store where you can redeem the vouchers. However, there are many other places where you can use these – they list these on the site!

I’m actually going to drop hints to my family about these – they’ll be great for pressies for the future for me and my Monkey, and I know of many cloth mummies who are doing the same!

All of a sudden that lovely nappy stash doesn’t look quite so unobtainable, does it!

Remember – you don’t have to buy everything at once, at the start. I’d actually really advise against doing that. You’ll find that things change, your needs change and that you’ll be using slightly different nappies as time moves on. When Monkey was little we used a lot of fitted nappies with wraps. The bulkiness didn’t matter as he was just, well, kind of lying there! Now that he’s starting to get more mobile (and more wriggly during changing times) I’m finding that I’m reaching for nappies that are quick to change and are a little slimmer in the crotch. However, with teething poos starting to come in, those needs may change slightly again.

Before I finish, I feel that I must let you know that this isn’t a sponsored post. I’m aware that these things exist, but this is all my own opinion. I was really impressed at the concept and contacted the people who run NapNap to ask if it was ok for me to blog about them.

I only wish that I’d know about them earlier as I would have def asked for them for presents, if/when people asked (although I do find it rather awkward when people ask you what you want! Is that just me, or do others feel like that?!)

So – yes – back to the point. I’m not getting paid. I didn’t get any free vouchers or anything like that. I just wanted you to all know that they’re out there – that you can get help with saving up for your lovely fluff!


One response to “NapNap Vouchers – saving up for cloth!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thank you very much! We hope lots of other parents will like the NapNap Voucher and give cloth nappies a try.
    The NapNap Team

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