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Quick Weekend Catch up!

on February 11, 2012

Just a quicky this evening as we’ve been hit by the lurgy, again, and I think I’m going to snuggle down and have a quiet evening. Giving myself tomorrow off to get (hopefully) totally better in readiness for a new week!

After getting all worked up – my nappy demo/talk went rather well. I was so nervous, even though I shouldn’t have been! All the ladies were lovely, they seemed to like looking at all the gorgeous, squishy fluffiness that I had to hand around and I have another talk next week. Typically, though, I had ordered some flyers that I was going to pass out, but they got delivered the MORNING AFTER the talk. I had been waiting for weeks and weeks for them. Just…typical! Oh well – I’ll just pop back and hand them out. Shouldn’t do any harm!

So – yes – if you’re thinking of giving nappy talks in your local area, I’d say GO FOR IT! I enjoyed explaining to everyone my reasoning behind using them (without going mad on the chemical/environmental issues as I didn’t want to alienate anyone by appearing to criticise their choice of using disposables). There were a few negative comments, but there were always going to. I dealt with those with a big smile and sensible, thought-out answers. Some examples were:

I’ll never keep up with the washing
I said that I do less clothes washing due to less nappy leaks! Lots of the girls there had been talking about how they had full on explosive poos that went right up to the neck. Ugh! Ok, so I’ve had a few leg leaks, but nothing that gross. Yay for cloth!

I won’t be able to get them dry
For this one I showed a range of nappies and explained that pocket nappies or All in Twos (like Flips) would be ideal if you have an issue with how to dry them, as they’re much quicker than AIO’s.

They’re very expensive
Yes, they are in comparison to a pack of sposies. At first. There’s no getting away from the fact that you have to outlay more with cloth to begin with than with disposables. But, you can get one at a time, buy some preloved and gradually build your stash. And, the bottom line is – you’re going to save a bomb! You can reuse them, sell them on – it’s going to work out cheaper. I think many of the ladies were quite shocked by the cost comparisons.

So, did I convert anyone? I don’t know! Once I take in my flyers, I’ll see if I get any emails/phone calls. I may never know if any of those mummies decide to use cloth, but at least they’re now more informed, have actually seen the newer styles of cloth nappies and have more of an awareness. I’m happy with that! For now!

Obviously my secret plan is to steaithily cloth all the babies of the world…


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