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Dealing with a deluge – my dribble bibs!

on February 13, 2012


Isn’t it funny how your mind can play tricks on you? I used to nursery nurse, many moons ago, and I swear that I never looked after a child that was quite as dribbly as my Monkey is at the moment. All he has to do is give me a gorgeous, gummy grin and a whole river pours out of his cute little mouth. He’s soaking absolutely everything and it’s getting a little silly! His amber necklace/anklet seem to calm the dribbling down, for some reason, but there’s still an awful lot of the stuff around and I can’t keep changing his tops all the time. It’s just daft!

So for the past few weeks he’s been wearing his normal bibs around his neck at all times – mainly because we only had two dribble bibs. We have a lovely, soft blue Skibz bib and a red dotty one that doesn’t seem to have a label on it, so I’ve no idea where it’s from at all! They were both gifts from a great friend of ours and I love them. The only problem with them both, though, is that they’re just cotton and his dribble soaks through them in mere minutes. I’m actually in the process of cutting up some fleece that I can put on the back of them as they really aren’t doing the job as well as I’d like them to.

So I started thinking about getting hold of some bibs with fleece backing and last week I got four really funky bibs from the lovely people at Funky Giraffe.

I’ve got to say – I’m really impressed with them! I left one (a fab campervan print) on Monster for a good couple of hours and his top underneath wasn’t soaked at all! What a result! I’m so pleased with them – they’re nice and soft under his neck and aren’t made of stiff, heavy fabric (which my unnamed dotty one is – it just doesn’t quite work on his ultra sensitive skin). They also wash really well and because the backing is fleece, they dry fantastically quickly – which is so important for quick turnaround with a little one!

Here’s our little model, sporting his stuff!


There are loads of other places online where you can get some great fleece-backed bibs. I know that Baba+Boo stock some and I’ve heard that Bibbles are also good. Funky Giraffe seems to be the name of bibs that the girls in my NCT group know – they’ve been buying loads of them and have been raving about how great they are! I just hope none of them have the ones I do – matching campervans at dawn, anyone?


One response to “Dealing with a deluge – my dribble bibs!

  1. bubbablue says:

    I swear by my funky giraffe dribble bibs, although I got mine off ebay. We’ve got 10 and we struggle to keep up with that many. Come and check out my blog (from a fellow gemette!)

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