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The night nappy experiment commences!

on February 15, 2012

Just a quick little post while I’m letting Monkey have a stare up at his cot mobile! We have (well, I have) started the cloth night nappies up again! Yay….potentially!

For those who haven’t read about my not so dirty little secret, we’ve been using one sposie a night due to bulky night nappies really making Monkey’s reflux quite bad. But he’s now weaning and the reflux isn’t as bad as it once was. So cloth night nappies are back.

Now, we mainly have Close Parent Bamboo Pop-ins for night, with the boosters, but. I’m finding them (they’re not the new versions) rather snug on him, even without the bulky additional booster. So, tonight, I’ve improvised and we’ll see what happens…

He’s sporting tonight –

A BumGenius Flip wrap
A staydry insert
A pop-in booster (I don’t have the organic inserts, otherwise I would have tried that)

We’ll see what it’s like and how well it holds up during one of his inevitable evening/middle of the night wakeups!



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