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Soothing Eco loveliness! Products for my sensitive little chap!

on February 16, 2012

So, as those of you who’ve read through the blog a bit might already know, I’ve been on the hunt for good products that I can use with Monkey as he’s got incredibly sensitive skin. Combine that with the fact that I would prefer to use natural things anyway and I’ve been having lots of fun looking for different products.

As per usual, there’s only so many that you can get in the shops. They all seem to have sneaky little extra ingredients that make them not so organic or natural, and I’ve actually been getting increasingly annoyed with how easily they’ve affected his skin.

I recently got hold of a few products that I’m really impressed with that so far (touch wood) haven’t set him off in some horrendous, bright red outbreaks – so that’s definitely a good thing!

First of all, I got some Baby Body Cream from Parents2Bee.


This cream is a simple, gentle moisturising cream that is very concentrated, so I only need to use a tiny amount. It’s really effective and his skin is very soft after I’ve used only a little bit, especially after a bath. I have given him massages with this cream and it’s great as it doesn’t leave an oily residue. Parents2Bee are a small, ethical company and I really like the way in which all their products can be used for vegans and vegetarians. I have a few friends who are vegans and they find it really tricky to check the source of some ingredients, so this is great!

As my skin is starting to flare up a lot too (probably from all the hand washing after changing nappies), I also got some Mummy Hand Balm as well. This stuff is magic! I used some on my really dry, chapped patches and they cleared up almost overnight. Even my hubby was impressed, and that’s saying something! I’m going to start trying it on the dry patches I get around my nose and see if it helps!


I’ve also been testing some Little Green Sheep products that I got from VUPbaby.

I’ve been using their very gorgeous-smelling organic Nappy Balm on Monkey and it’s brilliant!


Again, a really small amount goes a long, long way and it’s been great at clearing up little eczema patches. I also put a dab on his head as his cradle cap seems to be flaring up again and it’s helped to keep it at bay. I love vanilla and lavender, so this made me feel very relaxed. It’s part of their baby bedtime range but I’m using it most changes – its really that good!

I’ve also been using two of their natural products in the bath, as our sponges were starting to go all icky for some odd reason. I got a lovely, soft, natural sea sponge and an organic cotton wash mitt.


I really like the fact that both of these are sustainably harvested and fairly traded – that sits really well with me! Monkey loves the sponge – he will just sit in the bath and stroke it (funny little thing that he is!) It holds loads of water so our game of ‘rainclouds’ is great fun – I make the sponge float across towards him, pick it up and squeeeeezzzze! Much excitement is to be had by this and I get very wet from rapidly kicking little legs! The wash mitt is really soft and designed very cleverly – it’s got a bit sewn between the thumb and fingers, so it’s very easy to keep on your hand and use. I have to be honest, I’ve used this more in the shower for me than with his baths as the sponge is, in his eyes, the best thing ever!

Saves on getting plastic bath toys…for now!


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