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Saving up for baby – saving your hard-earned cash!

on February 22, 2012

I know that I’m veering away from just writing about nappies at the moment, but I’m finding that as Monkey is getting bigger that there’s just more and more things to write about. I’m actually toying with the idea of renaming the blog, but I like it as it is… Nappies are due to make a large reappearance soon, so don’t you worry!

I was sat there thinking the other day, whilst I was stuffing a load of nappies, just how there’s been so many things that we bought (or could’ve bought) that were an absolute waste of money. Luckily I’ve managed to sell on most of them, but I thought I’d write a post that I can add to if/when I make more glaringly obvious schoolgirl errors.

So, here it is – some things that I reckon you really, truly DON’T need (in my experience) or ones that you can spend less on.

Before I start, I know that a lot of people will say that I should include things like a pram (as you can babywear) and a cot/moses basket/crib (as you can co-sleep). Now, whilst I do babywear and we do some co-sleeping, I actually use my pram an awful lot and we also used/are using the sleeping things too. So, they’re not in my list!!!

Burp cloths – Utter utter waste of time. Muslins are good for everything. Newborn nappies, cleaning cloths, you name it – they’re good for it. I personally wouldn’t even bother with pretty coloured ones. Grab some boring old white ones and then you can soak them more easily without having to worry about colours running. Ikea ones are fab – they’re really big, really thick and just brilliant. We used them to swaddle him when he was really tiny. Which leads nicely onto the next thing

Special swaddle pods – in our experience, a total waste of money. Monkey HATED them. He really did. He loved being swaddled, but those things just made him go nuts. Used ours a handful of times and then it got put in a drawer (& then subsequently sold on eBay!)

Special little top & tail muslin squares/ top & tail bowl – just never used them! Cotton wool and reusable wipes all the way!

Baby shoes – They are so cute, I know, but they’re pointless. They’re bad for their developing feet if they’re too stiff and I never felt the need to put him in them. At home he pretty much lives in soft clothes and babygrows, so little shoes were a total waste of money. As he gets a little bigger I’ll be getting some of those very very soft leather ones, but nothing stiff. I’m actually surprised that shops are allowed to stock some of them as the ones we got were horrendously stiff.

Squeezy bulb nasal aspirator – didn’t work for us at all. Those ones with a tube that you suck are much, much better. Seem gross but are fantastic.

Lovely matching stuff for your nursery – great idea but soon enough Grandma, or another well-meaning family member, will buy something that won’t match AT all, but will be something you’ll have to have in there. Go for something that’ll cope with a bit of mix and match. I’d also go for something that’ll be good for a toddler as well as a baby – makes more sense in the long term.

I’d say that things like swings/ bouncers/ Moses baskets/ crib are well worth having, but if you can get a good one off somewhere like eBay or borrow, then don’t waste your money on them! They grow out of them so so fast. I’d invest that in good furniture for their room that can last and grow with your child. Personally, I’d keep things neutral if you plan more children. Pink or blue are very tempting, but it’d be damn expensive to replace all your stuff the next time around!


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