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For the love of all things fluffy! (subtitled: Monkey loves Minky)

on February 24, 2012


Apologies for being away from the blog this week – we’ve got a very poorly little cat who’s needed my attention, plus a little boy who keeps getting sick…then getting better….then getting sick…

Ah! The fun of parenting!

Anyway – nappies. Yes! I’ve been neglecting you lovely, fluffy things recently. Well, I’ve been neglecting to blog about them so I thought I should shove myself back on track (although my next few posts are going to veer off wildly again – such is my flitty mind!).

We’ve been having fun with our nappies recently, what with Monkey not quite fitting into some of them as well as he used to and others suddenly becoming firm favourites. Our very reliable Close Parent Pop-ins are suddenly becoming a bit on the small side, which is infuriating as they’re meant to be a Birth-to-potty nappy and I can’t see any way that they’re going to last. Perhaps, once he starts crawling, he might slim down a fraction but I don’t see him getting too much more use out of them. The Bamboo versions are the smaller ones but the Dream Dri are a tad larger. I’m contemplating buying one of the New Generation Pop-ins, just to see whether they’ll fit a little bigger.

So, as a result of this, other nappies are definitely taking over. Bumgenius have always been favourites of mine (I love the Flips) but I’m now starting to use my V3’s more and more and am debating getting hold of some V4’s. They seem much more generous, fit him better AND I can see them working really well as nappies for sending with him to nursery.

However, our firm favourites right now are our Itti Bitti AIO’s (Large ones), our minky Baba + Boo nappies and our Rumparooz nappies. They are all fantastic for his shape and I’m getting a good three to four hours out of them, which is marvellous as he is a champion widdler! I have to use a booster with the Itti-Bittis, but at the moment the AIO’s seem to fit him better than the SIO’s (All-in-ones and Snap-in-ones).

I think in a few weeks it’ll be all change again as he’s floundering around on the floor, slightly like a beached whale, but his arms and legs are starting to look slightly more coordinated with one another. It’s pretty funny to watch at times, but he then gets himself very wound up at the lack of being able to actually do anything. Bless him!

The cutest thing that I’ve seen this week, though, has got to be Monkey’s new found love of Minky nappies. It’s just – well – very, very sweet. I’ve been teaching him some baby sign language for the past few months and I’ve noticed that he’s starting to try and copy some of the signs that I’m showing him. So, during a nappy change, he’s putting one (or both) of his hands down to try and tap near his nappy, which is fantastic! However, when he’s wearing a gorgeously soft, squishy Minky nappy he just can’t resist having a stroke of it! He then usually starts giggling and it’s a delight to watch! So, using cloth is great for baby in a way in which I never envisaged. It’s a sensory experience for him as he adores the feel of it. Plus it’s very sweet to watch!


2 responses to “For the love of all things fluffy! (subtitled: Monkey loves Minky)

  1. Bex says:

    Might have to get a minky nappy to try now! what would you suggest for a rather chubby 6 month old?

  2. They are rather lovely – I’ve actually read blog posts of people who brush minky with a toothbrush to keep them soft! I’m not quite that mad, I promise.

    The itti bitti ones are great and very, very soft but Monkey is already in the large sizes and he’s the same as your little one – chunky and 6 months old. The Tutto’s that they do go up larger, so that could be an option. Blueberry nappies are also really soft!

    Baba + Boo nappies come in either minky or PUL and are quite generous, so you have growing room! Wee Notions do BTP or sized minky nappies that are lovely but are at least twice the price of Baba + Boo, but you’re paying for customising.

    There’s loads of others but those are the ones that make up most of my stash that work on my chunky man! Hope that helps!

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