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Early Weekend catch up and cloth confession!

on March 2, 2012

With just under an hour to go until my Gumigem giveaway closes, I thought that I’d quickly put up a blog post to remind all you lovely people to have a go and enter They really are fantastic necklaces – Monkey loves mine a lot and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it, so give it a shot!!!

It’s been a mad, busy week in the Clothbum household and I’ve been running around like a loony doing all kinds of things. Monkey now has a place at a lovely nursery and is thoroughly enjoying his little stay-and-play hours that he’s doing to settle him in, which is one hell of a weight off my mind! We’ve been catching up with lots of friends and starting off on some new little experiments, which I will be blogging about over the next few weeks!.

As Monkey is starting to wean (and oh, what a LOT of messy fun that is!), I’ve started to look more and more and different weaning equipment. We have a massive variety of bowls, spoons, pots, plates and various different sippy cups. It’s all great fun and I’ll be letting you know how we’re getting on. I wanted to do pure Baby Led Weaning, but for many reasons, we ended up doing a mix of that and purees. Now, before you tell me that I can’t possibly be doing proper BLW as he’s having some spoon-fed things, believe you me – I know! I got very upset and fed up about the fact that we ended up giving him some purees, agonised over it for hours, but the difference it’s made to his reflux by having some food in his tummy is amazing. I only wish I’d started a little sooner for him, like the doctors wanted – but I was holding out for BLW and was sticking to my guns! I’ll go into more detail about this another time – but the quick moral is that sometimes things just don’t work out the way that you’d want them to and it’s best to go with the flow!.

So… my cloth confession! Although I’ve been blogging about cloth nappies and telling you all how great Bum Genius nappies and Tots Bots ones are, I have to let you into a little secret. My BG’s were the old V3 versions and I only had Tots Bots Pocket Tots, which didn’t work well at all for Monkey. I had mentioned that in my blog but recently I started to feel a little daft about the fact that I was telling you all about nappies when I didn’t have a few of the newer ones and you all probably had better stashes than me! Aren’t I daft!!!

Anyway – soooooo. I’ve finally got hold of some Tots Bots Easyfits and some Bum Genius V4’s. And oooooh – I’m so impressed with both of them. They fit Monkey beautifully, hold in everything and anything that he can fire at them and are so quick-drying! The Easyfits are far softer and stretchier than the old Pocket Tots and I absolutely love them. I know that they’ve just released a newer version that has matching coloured aplix (or comes in a poppered version) and also comes in a lovely new range of patterns, so I’ll be drooling over those! The Bum Genius are great as well – they’re a little bulkier (in my opinion) than the Easyfits, but there’s really not much in it at all.

These are really the kind of staple nappies that you should have in your stash that are just, utterly foolproof. I’m going to be using these as my main nursery nappies, along with my Baba+Boo pockets, as I know that they’ll be simple for anyone and everyone to use! What a fab result!!!

Just to finish off, I’m going to be giving myself the weekend off – I think I should really make sure that I do this more, but this weekend is a very busy one for us and I just won’t have the time. I hope you all have a lovely, fluffy weekend!

That gives me an idea! I’ll tell you more about it next week!!!


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