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Watch out for later! Plus, Monkey and his Morrck!

on March 4, 2012

I know, I know. I was going to give myself the weekend off, but my weekend has turned out far, far better than I thought it would and I suddenly thought that rather than keeping all you lovely peeps who have entered the Gumigem competition waiting, that I’ll get the draw done today so that I can let you all know who’s won the fab Flash Gordon necklace. I’m slightly envious of you – I keep staring at it and thinking that I might just make up a winner and keep it for myself as I really like it!

Whoops! Told you all now, so I can’t. Damn! I suppose I’ll just have to get myself a new one – any excuse for a little bit of retail therapy.

So, I’ll get that sorted out later after Mr Monkey Clothbum has had some lunch and filled up that apparently never-sated stomach of his. Seriously – how can such a little being put away so much food? It’s amazing! I’m very happy today, actually, as he got weighed at the hospital yesterday and his weight gain is now slowing a bit. I know that sounds strange, but little Monkey has always been rather high up on all the centiles for both weight and height, and it was starting to worry me a little that he was a little on the chunky side. However, now that he’s started to get a bit more mobile, he’s slimming down – especially around his face and his features are really starting to show more! It’s a bit of a relief because if he’d carried on then I was starting to worry that he wouldn’t fit into his BTP nappies when he was a little older, which would have been rather concerning. So, phew!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend – we decided that we were going to get out and about yesterday, as it really was such a beautiful day. So Monkey went to look at some other monkeys at the zoo. He was slightly bemused, if I’m very honest, but was very excitable when he saw the lion. I think it’s because we have cats at home – so a MASSIVE one just blew his mind! Monkey really did have a great day and he passed out in his pram, wrapped up in his Morrck blanket quite a few times due to the fresh air. Unfortunately, that didn’t last when we got home – grrrrrr!

Here’s Monkey snuggled down really happily in his Morrck


I absolutely love this as it means that I can wrap him up nice and warm whilst we’re outside, but then when we go in somewhere – it’s really easy to just unwrap him and I don’t have to wake him up. It was so useful, especially when some of the rooms in the zoo where the animals are have to kept at such a high temperature. We used ours in the pram, but these really come into their own when you use them in a car seat.

It can be really dangerous to put a baby in a car seat in a padded coat or jacket. I’ve never done that – I’ve always wrapped him up in a blanket that went on top of him, but that can be so annoying as he often manages to get them unwrapped from around him. The Morrck stays put, which is great as I don’t have to stop and tuck him in every now and then (he’s such a wriggly little thing!). The dangers with putting a baby into a car sear with a padded coat/snowsuit on are that the baby isn’t always as secure as they should be, as the padding stops the straps going where they should be.


A blanket such as a Morrck basically eliminates the need for a coat. It has holes that the straps go through, so Monkey is strapped into his seat really securely, and then I just wrap him up afterwards. Morrck have some very handy videos that show you the ‘two finger’ (now, don’t think rude thoughts!) test that allows you to check whether your baby is safe when you put him/her in the car seat. I had a go with a few of our coats and I was shocked at how easily he could have slipped out!

There are other blankets and sleeping bags that you can put into your car seats, such as the Snugglebundl and the Grobag travel sleeping bags. I don’t have a Snugglebundl but I have heard good things about them. The travel sleeping bags are fantastic if you want to take baby out of the car and put them straight to sleep in their cot/basket/crib, but the beauty of a Morrck is when you’re popping in and out of shops, for example.

I think I’d better just add at the end of this post, I’m not being paid by Morrck for this at all! Myself and quite a lot of my NCT group have Morrck’s and we really love them. It’s one of those things – you know, where one person gets something that turns out to be a great idea and then you all get one! After seeing little Dinky D (my friend’s baby) snuggled up in his, I just had to have one and it’s been fantastic! Monkey seems to like it too!



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  1. Helen Dryburgh says:

    Loving this colour morrck x

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