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Heavenly Hazelwood.

on March 6, 2012

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you may have looked at my post on teething jewellery. Monkey has been starting to teethe for a little while now, but no toothy pegs have made their way through. We’ve just got all the symptoms instead – rivers of drool, a very crotchety baby, gumming everything madly and rosy red cheeks.

I’d got some amber teething jewellery, which really seems to make a difference to his symptoms. I have to say that when I forget to put on his anklet in the morning, he’s a very grumpy baby. This actually surprised me at first because, even though I’d read all the information on how amber jewellery is meant to work, I was still rather cynical about it. So I was very impressed that it was taking the edge off for him and I’m making sure that he has at least his anklet, and sometimes his necklace too, on at the start of the day.

Obviously, there’s the safety aspect of them – I keep a very close eye on him when he’s wearing his necklace and I do feel more comfortable once I put a dribble bib over the top of it, but he doesn’t seem to even notice that it’s there. It’s short enough that it tucks under his, ahem…chins and he doesn’t try and play with it.

In the blog post I wrote about amber, I also mentioned that you can get Hazelwood teething necklaces. I’d only ever heard good things about them, as my husband’s cousin has used them on her children and she thinks that they are fantastic. But, because I had the amber I hadn’t taken the plunge. But, the other week, I got hold of one from Tearless Teething and decided to give it a go.


Bravely, I took Monkey’s anklet off him and put on the necklace. It’s nice and thin, just the right length to hide under his chin and bib (11 inches long) and dotted with blue beads. Over the course of a couple of days I’ve noticed that his cheeks haven’t flared up, he’s not grizzling and he seems pretty happy. The rivers of drool aren’t subsiding too much, but the necklace seems to be helping to soothe him. The hazelwood helps to reduce the levels of acidity in his body which is creating during the teething process. Some parents swear that the necklaces help to reduce eczema in children as well and Monkey’s does seem to be more under control, but that could also be down to a change in skincare products that we’ve done recently.

Overall, I really like this new teething necklace. It’s working well for Monkey and I’m very pleased with it. Whether you choose Amber or Hazelwood is very much a personal choice and I quite like the fact that at the moment, I have the best of both worlds. The test will come when my Hazelwood necklace needs replacing in about three months. Will I think it’s worth it? I’ll let you know as we use it more and more! 20120306-090937.jpg


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